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Hey guys Richard Harris in this review I Want to talk about Pro Ecom now this is A new product by Kenny tan is due to Released on the 4th of July at 9am Eastern now this is a basically an E-commerce store that they tell you can Make you up to 569.75 every single day and they're Building Amazon stores Um slightly confusing really because one Of the financial proof kind of graphics On here is a warrior plus type graphic So it's not anything to do with Amazon But there you go you take them from Adventure site you know they're not true So basically one thing did pique my Interest is this world's first voice Activated AI Ecom store Builder so when We jump inside we're going to see Exactly what the voice activation thing Actually is within this store Builder so Guys if you're interested in these types Of honest reviews don't forget to hit That subscribe notification Bell and I'll let you know whenever I produce new Videos and as usual guys if you're Struggling if you're trying to figure Out how to make money online to ahead And check out the link in the Description below over to the school of Nomads I've got some completely free Training there that will get you started Straight away so guys let's jump Straight in here we're going to go and

Have a look at this now this is very Reminiscent of multiple Billy data type Products where they have this type of Interface so there's nothing really AI About this some kind of interesting Things on here if you talk about how Much traffic or earnings this particular Site has had this is a JV version there Is nothing on here these are just dead Metrics so there's nothing really to Show on here what you have on here on The left hand side is a dashboard now This is the type of website that's Saying you can produce which strangely Enough is giving me this At the moment so this isn't working Correctly Let's try it again Still not working correctly so this Actual interface here which is really a Subdomain of their main name grab isn't working so that's Not a great start is it if I just say an X here from the demo video basically This is all the website looks like it's Very very simple no real information on Here remember this is supposed to be a Site that's going to challenge a lot of Almost millions of e-commerce sites out There on the internet so the look and Feel of the site isn't very good very Very cheap looking but as you see on This version here it's not even working For people to actually come along and

Look at so I'll come back to the main Site now if you look at this section Here you've got an AI content creation And this is where this voice activation Is going to come in apparently you can Just speak to it and it's going to allow You to enter prompts into here rather Than typing that's really all it is Nothing else so Star Wars figure So I just asked it for Star Wars figure And you'll get results and basically It's going to give you random results For Star Wars figures these aren't Actually connected to Amazon anyway They're just random results for Star Wars figures it does the same on product Description Luke Skywalker Star Wars Figure it's going to give me a super Super simple description of what this is The idea is you're going to build up a Product listing on your site using this Go to image Luke Skywalker Star Wars Figure this is come back with easy which Basically this has gone to dally e which Is a site that generates these types of Images and you can see they're never That good because it doesn't really know What you want they're not proper images I can get way better images for a Product Lister than this they always Look a bit funky I mean this will look Scary so it's not great but that's Actually give me something product

Features Luke Skywalker Star Wars figure And it's giving some very very basic Product features product reviews Luke Skywalker Star Wars figure it's giving a Very very short Four or five line output there and then Product tags is going to give me the Same thing and basically the idea is You're going to use this information you Have to copy and paste it all and then Once you add a product into the system Here I come on to all products and I Want to add new you paste that Information into here and you can go Ahead and add a picture and that's it That's all of this real AI content piece Does for you but if you've gone to chat GPT and daily it'll do that for you Anyway you don't really need this setup So I guess it's a bit of a gimmick but Nothing really good on here the main Problem with these types of sites the Main issue is the traffic you can build A site with your online store here which Is very very simple but if you've got no Traffic coming to that site because none Of these listings are going to list Organically anywhere not against the Competition you've got then you're going To have problems their solution is to Give you this social traffic site here Which basically is links to various Social media sites and quite frankly

This is a software called add me that You can go and get anyway half of these Aren't even social media sites they're Just random links over to various other Places that don't even really make sense So that's not traffic the only way this Is traffic is if you've got people on Your Twitter or Facebook they would be Interested in following the link over to Your particular store that's the main Issue with these all the time the other Thing with Amazon Associates I already spoke to you about the fact That you're throwing Financial proof for A warrior plus products nothing to do With Amazon Associates but if you go and Join Amazon Associates itself this is The main program for Amazon if I just Show you the percentages you get back For some of these products Um you can come over to their Amazon Program and have a look at the Commission limits for each one and they Are very very low most of these you can See around the three and four percent Mark like hobbies and auto digital media Around six percent you can get some Indirect qualifying purchases of very Very small percentages of people go Ahead and buy other things but they are Very very low so with e-commerce you Have to sell in bulk to make any decent Type of money which means the people That are doing this are successful I got

Huge marketing budgets that they're Actually using to promote their own Sites And a lot of it's paid traffic it's not Free traffic so it is highly competitive And the actual money you get back is Quite low on what you need to do it's Nothing like affiliate marketing where You can get 50 75 Commission on the Products that you promote which is what We teach in the program go ahead and hit The link in the description below just As a reminder it's Nothing like that basically it is quite Low percentages on the front end the Other thing I just noticed on the Amazon Associates program is you can basically Build your own store using their Platform so you can come on here and you Can actually get The listings all directly onto your own Store and then promote the link to that Store so you don't really need this in The first place I don't really see the Point of this it's kind of a little bit Of something that's been created for no Reason So my mind guys Pro Ecom is not going to Be a very very high quality site it's Going to be a subdomain of quasari socio You know that it's going to have Problems with the actual server in a Background you don't know if this is Going to be suddenly taken down your

Whole business could be directed through This a lot of the stuff you see again It's still not working a lot of stuff You see on here doesn't really make Sense they have things like reports Shipping all of this stuff well if You're actually building Amazon Associate links once they go through the Link on your website over to the Amazon Associates you have none of this issue You have none of these needs for this You don't care about locations you Haven't got a ship in price for your Products you don't need an inventory Account or categories or attribute you Don't need any of this stuff because Basically it just links over to Amazon So a lot of this isn't even needed in The first place the advantage you guys If you really want to build an Amazon Store don't find yourself on a much Better piece of software and you can Also just use their own store Builder And come on here and build your store With some high quality software that's Directly linked to Amazon so you don't Have any problems in the future so That's my opinion on Pro Ecom the main Selling points is voice activated piece Completely pointless it's quicker just To type My name is Richard Darby this is the Scroll down man so if you haven't been On the channel before don't forget to

Hit that subscribe to the notification Bell and I'll let you know whenever I Produce new videos and guys if you're Serious if you want to build a real Honest affiliate marketing business Online go ahead and check out the link In the description below over to school Nomads And we'll get you started straight away Until next time guys take care [Music] Foreign [Music]

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