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Hey guys Richard here so in this review On such about profits bot now this is a Product by Dave Kirby and it’s due to be Released on the 4th of October at 11 A.M Eastern now this is basically a product That is targeting YouTube as a free Traffic source and they’re going to give You a load of videos with a couple more Tools that you can actually use in Theory to build a YouTube account that’s Going to make you lots and lots of Commissions so we are going to jump Inside if anybody’s seen any of my Reviews before this is going to be a Very familiar interface for you because I’ve literally seen this tens of times When I’m doing any kind of Billy da Reviews this is literally the same Software that he sold I’ve also gone Through the software I’ll give you those All important otos and stick around I’m Going to give you a few free resources As well that you can use to get some Videos if that’s what you need to do so Guys let’s jump straight into this Basically the talking about free auto Pilot traffic the same beta testers Already getting results so they haven’t Shown you any better testers so you Don’t know if that’s true no radio Recording skills required there will be Some video skills required here because You just can’t get a random video and Stick it on YouTube there’s got to be

More to it than that no getting in front Of camera works for complete beginners Cloud-based commercial license and 30-day money-back guarantee so usual Things on these sales Pages loads of These and connected Financial results I Wanted to say anything is these timers Are all fake because every time I Refresh this page just take this off Basically goes back to 29 minutes so if We jump over the software basically what You have is a Roundup of the channel That you’ve actually linked to this Software so this is your own YouTube Channel and you can link them using this Social account piece here now if you Look at the done for you videos tab all This is is a whole bunch of videos that You can download and basically just use For yourself now I’m not sure where These are coming from if you’re even Allowed to use these yourself but you Have to change these in some way for you To be able to use them so you need a Video editor to do that now I recommend Something like Screencast-O-Matic if You’re going to have a video editor Because this is a great product very Very cheap it’s about three bucks a Month when you’re first starting off and This is a great video editor so as I Said you’re gonna have to have some Skills because you just can’t blindly Upload these into YouTube and expect us

Anybody to see them because they’re not Going to make any sense to anyone so There’s your videos now if you do want To use these types of videos there’s no Need to have this and buy this software Because you can go onto sites like Pixabay or pixels and these both will Give you free videos to use here’s Pixabay here you’ve got literally Thousands of thousands of free videos For you to download if you want to go Ahead and just pick one of any theme in Any Niche which is again there’s no Training here to tell you how to Actually build a channel around a Certain Niche which is what you need to Do so that YouTube understands exactly What your channel is all about you can Pick one off any Niche here and start Using these so there’s no real need to Have this software at the moment again Just blindly put in loads of these video Packages on here as if it’s something Valuable it’s not really needed when You’ve got all these other sites you’re Having a limited version here which is An upgrade on going to the otos Afterwards and then you have a channel Manager here basically this is allowing You to like comment subscribe to other Channels is a video manager here Playlist manager and you can upload a Video you don’t need this stuff if You’ve got a YouTube channel because you

Can already go and manage your videos do Your playlists and upload videos to YouTube all this is trying to do is is Introduce newbies to some form of Automation that doesn’t really help in Any way if you’ve got like or comment Campaigns and you can actually go ahead And build a comment campaign and Basically what you’re going to do is You’re going to select a channel here We’ve got this Tika review on here and Then based on a keyword you’re going to Automatically comment back to that Particular comment on that channel now That’s completely pointless because Where is the social interaction there Where’s the human interaction with other People if you’re a marketer you’ve got To have human contact with people for Them to understand what you’re trying to Sell and then for Utah to recommend Products to them this is just trying to Shortcut it and say automatically Comment to anybody you won’t even know Who’s commented on your stuff the system Will automatically put any kind of Rubbish comment on there you don’t know If it’s even applicable to what they’re Saying and then somehow you’re going to Make money you’re never going to be able To comment a link on YouTube because YouTube will immediately move the links I got on my YouTube channel with 8 000 Subscribers I understand how the comment

System works and you can’t just put a Link on here so this is completely Pointless to me all of this automation If you want to build a YouTube channel You’ve got to figure out a way to Actually build a YouTube channel around A proper Niche around providing value For people and then recommending Products or Services now I got a great Product I can recommend to you this is Literally a price of pizza called the Simple traffic blueprint if you hit the Link in the description below you get Sent over to a page where you can sign Up and you’ll be able to actually have Proper training in how to build a real Business on YouTube it’s what I actually Started off with price of pizza guys go And grab that because that’s going to be Much more valuable training than trying To shortcut your way to building that Channel with some silly software like This so that’s kind of my opinion guys You can grab that if you want you’ll see The link in the description below so You’ll also have a template manager here Again auto reply templates and auto Common templates you can set up Templates to auto replay this is Assuming you’ve got hundreds of Thousands of subscribers you can’t keep Up with the comments it’s ridiculous for A beginner you have these search tools Here and you can search for a video and

You can search in any keyword no it Doesn’t work but I don’t understand what The point is because you can’t take half These videos unless they’re creative Comments and if they are Creative Commons you need to change them before You upload them or YouTube is just going To take them back down again so Basically you can have these videos and There is an upgrade that you can Download these videos but apart from That pointless because you can go on YouTube search for dog and you’re going To get the same videos So again this is a slightly bypass me You can search under Channel you can Search up playlist and then you have This keyword finder which again is Another upgrade and basically you can Put a video ID in the ID in here and you Can go ahead and look at the keywords That’s being used for that video again All very interesting but if you’ve got a YouTube channel you can use free tools Like tubebuddy or vid IQ that under at The first level of the Free level will Actually show you the keywords that are Being used on videos anyway so again Completely pointless you have all of These custom stuff done for you content Success training that’s going to show You how to use YouTube now this upgrade Is 38 bucks again the training that I Recommend is much less than that and

It’s going to be much better quality Than this you have a done-for-you agency You have your image editor this image Editor here I’m not sure what it’s for Because if you go ahead and use this Image editor again it’s you’ll need to Upgrade to get this so this is a free Tool that’s given on nearly all of these Products if you use something like canva You can do all the image editing you Need for things like YouTube so it’s Pointless having that and then you have This video downloader keyword generator A reseller license added so to me you Know this has been done many many times By Billy Dart it’s sown a load of stuff Onto a piece of software that doesn’t Actually teach you how to build a Business on YouTube you build a business On YouTube as I said by growing a Channel by having a niche that you Concentrate on you give value in that Niche you entertain people you do Whatever you need to do in that Particular Niche and then you can Recommend products or services in the Description or even in only with AdSense Once you build that channel up what you Don’t do is try and shortcut it by Taking loads and loads of videos Throwing them onto YouTube and expecting Some kind of results it’s just not going To work guys I’ve been on YouTube for Long enough now to understand what

Really works on YouTube so let’s have a Look at the otos the front end the Property boss software is 16 on the Front end you get four dollars off and Basically you’re gonna get 1500 done for You videos again I don’t know the source Of them it’s Google approved whatever That’s supposed to mean and available in 12 different languages Oto number one is The profit Bots Pro that’s 32 Um down to 22 on the down sell and you Get a thumbnail Creator and a keyword Miner again that thumbnail Creator just Use canva completely for free out your Two profits bought done for you Graphics Pack I’ve seen these this is just a Bunch of images again no real connection To YouTube so there’s a big Graphics Pack there you don’t need any of this Stuff anymore you just can go on the Free sites I showed you hold your three Profit spots one thousand dollar YouTube Train in 38 down to 26 I would pick up a Simple traffic blueprint honestly guys Price of a pizza is brilliant training It’s how I started online then you have A Oto for profit boss reseller 97 down To forty seven dollars you’re gonna Resell this software and then some kind Of agency license Oto five profit Bots agency 19767 you can get reseller license with This product so guys that’s my review of Profit but take it for what you will I

Don’t think this is a very good product Because I’ve seen it many many times Before and it’s just not a way you can Build a real business on YouTube I hope You find that valuable my name is Richard Darby this is called Nomads if You have been up to my channel before Don’t forget to hit that subscribe and Notification Bell and I’ll let you know Whenever I produce new videos and guys If you’re really serious you want to Build a business on YouTube go ahead and Hit that link in the description below Go and grab the simple traffic blueprint Is literally the price of a pizza and You can build a real business online by Using that training and building out a Real business again and guys hope you Found that valuable until next time take Care [Music]

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