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Hey guys Richard here so in this review I talked about quasari profit news now This is by Kenny tan and his due to be Released on the 27th of November 2022. now apparently this is going to Allow you to create smart AI viral new Sites that generate two and a half Thousand and four and a half thousand Direct payments to their bank account Every single week so obviously that's Not to your bank account that's to Theirs we will go through the sales page In a bit more detail I want to show you A few things on the sales page so stick Around for that because it really shows The types of vendors these guys are and Then of course we'll jump inside and I'll show you exactly what this software Is so guys just before we start my name Is Richard Darby this is a school of Nomads if you're new to the channel Before go ahead and hit that subscribe Notification Bell and I'll let you know Whenever I produce new videos and guys If you really want to learn how to make A hundred dollars a day with affiliate Marketing go ahead and hit the link in The description below over to the school Nomads and we'll get you started Straight away what we have here is a Simple website builder so they have a Website already on here you're going to Be building this now this is just a Bunch of RSS feeds from other news sites

That you're going to put on to this Randomly created site now from what I Can see the domain is going to be Underneath their subdomain which is this Kozari profit news domain so Basically you're going to be building on The same platform as multiple other People and you've got no control over This in my opinion straight away this is An issue because if you're going to Build a website go and get your own Hosting and go and use your own website Builder one that I think is pretty cool Is Elementor just go and I will tell him Mentor.com there's a couple of discounts On there at the moment and they've got Some really beautiful websites on here That you can go ahead and build with all Of the templates that you'll ever need That's what I'd recommend if you wanted To build a website but as far as this One's concerned as I said you're going To be seeing this now the idea is that You would build this website with all These RSS feeds on it and people are Going to come along to it now it's not Going to ever organically rank in Google That's not going to happen with these Types of websites so you're relying on Sharing this link with others so if You've got loads of fans you can share a Link to this website on then potentially You can get them over to this website For them to go ahead and look at these

Types of posts but apart from that Because none of the actual content on it Is unique at the moment nobody's going To come over to this the other problem With this is something I like to call I Come over to something like this one Here what a little rubbish I don't even Know what this is Um and I have a look if I want to click Here to see more it takes me out of the Site into YouTube because obviously That's just a YouTube video so now I've Gone from that original link if I go and Have a look at another story let's have A look at this one here this covid-19 One Again if I click on here and I want to Go and see more it takes me into the News.un site so again I've gone from Your site so very quickly because the Content is not yours and housed on your Site people have gone and you'll see a High percentage of people will never Come back because all they're really Interested in is this that I'm going to Look through your entire site so it's Pretty problematic when you start trying To build these types of sites if it's Not your own content right if it's your Own content then fine but again let me Look at this one here read to see more And you're gone again you're going over To this new s news site and they've got Their own stuff and their own type of

Adverts on here so it is a little bit Problematic when it's not your own Website but just come back basically You've got all of the ways that you can Build this this looks like a kind of a Very very simple page builder you've got Some navigation tools here where you can Just swap pages around it's got all of This stuff right obviously that you can Build a site out of this I just think Because it's housed on their servers at The end of the day just some kind of sub Domain it's not for serious marketers Because you want your own websites and Your own hosting so you know where Everything is and it's all secure you Can add some more pages here you can add Some posts here lots of different types Of posts here you can get some Additional categories there's various Widgets on here that you can use for Impulse Etc you have a gallery you can Add some images into here Comments add spaces so look at some end Spaces you can create various types of AD space into the header You can create some banners in here so Everything's here really but it's just I don't like the fact that it's based on Their website and to be honest nobody's Ever going to come over and see it if You're really really serious like I say You build your own website and use Something like Elementor get response I

Always recommend get response guys That's free up to 500 subscribers you Can build your own website as an Autoresponder integrating into it Already those types of places are better To build websites on than buying these Type of shiny objects from these guys And I'll tell you what I say about these Guys and we'll just come back to the Sales page this is quizary profit use so It's all very good you know you've got Loads of these fake Financial proofs on There that person's an AI image that Person's AI image I know that because I've reviewed thousands of products up To now I think and I've seen these Hundreds of times these people this is All just images it doesn't mean anything But when I come down to the testimonials These three testimonials are supposed to Be reflective of quasari profit news Each one of the first to actually name Zari profit news in the testimonial I Come over to a previous product called Quasari profit View and Guys these guys Sell products every single month you see The same two images on here with the Same two names no brainer deal this app Makes 1782 last week I did not expect that This would be this will be crazy good And easy quasari profit view right come Back here no brainer deal this app made Me

3782 last week I did not expect that This will be crazy good and easy kazari Profit news this is the most Game Changer in 2022 I have never seen Something like this before he makes Hundred to three hundred dollars daily For kazari profit news and then you come Back to this one this is the most Game Changer in 2022 same amount of money for Kazari profit View So what would you think if you're Anything like me you would think these Are copy and pasted reviews over to each Software that they produce every single Month as you can see here month after Month after month after month always Some little piece of software always a New shiny object none of these are worth Absolutely anything guys I really Wouldn't bother with Kenny tan or Anybody who Associates with this vendor It's clearly they're not being honest With you on the sales page why would you Ever trust your business to a website That these guys have created there are Alternatives I did mention them in my Review go and check one of them out if You want to build a business it's much Better have a unique content and more Chance of ranking Google And it's much safer for your business Because everything is within your Control hope you found that useful guys My name is Richard Derby this is School

Of Nomads if you're new to the channel Before don't forget to hit that Subscribe and notification Bell and I'll Let you know whenever I produce new Videos and guys if you want to build a Hundred dollars a day affiliate Marketing business go ahead and check Out the link in the description below Over to school Nomads and we'll get you Started today until next time guys take Care [Music] Thank you

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