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Hey guys so in this revie I'm talk to About Sapphire now this is a new product By Billy Dar and it's due to be released On the 16th of October now this is a Next gen AI which creates s forget $349 a day YouTube channels in 60 Seconds flat so we're going to go inside This may be familiar to some and I'll Tell you why I know we talk a little bit About the sales page and some of the Silly Financial claims on this sales Page so guys if you haven't been over to My channel before my name is Richard Derby this is a school of Nomads if You're interested in these types of real Honest reviews go ahead and hit that Subscribe and notification Bell and I'll Let you know whenever I produce new Videos and guys as usual if you want to Learn how to build a real business Online which is honest and transparent Go ahead and hit the link in the Description below over to the school Nomads I got some training for you there You can get started with straight away So guys let's take a look at this so Basically they're saying that you're Going to earn basically 127,000 a year From a single YouTube channel which is Pretty good going and basically on the Sales page talked about KSI and Logan Paul and all the usual stuff to to Somehow connect this very very cheap Product over to them as if this they use

This to build their business which Couldn't be further from the truth so Basically when you come over here this Is exactly the same as another product Called Nexus that they released and Countless others this is just rebranded Resold over and over again and all it is Is a connection to Chachi BT which Allows you to get some air video titles Descriptions video scripts and tags Which on this particular copy doesn't Seem to be working cuz I haven't made it Work yet but you wouldn't need anything Else apart from chat GPD to do that Anyway just go and get yourself a free Account there and use that no need for Any of this stuff just ask it for a Video title unit video description video Script and video tags and it'll do it For you you got this AI bot here which Is completely pointless to me I don't See what why they have this why would You ever need this What it's for you got these AI Pages Which aren't AI Pages because even years Ago they were basically coming over to This same page which is asset soft Prolab Docomo connection to AI whatsoever it's Just a place where you can just pick Your templates it's going to give you a Load of cheap option templates here and You can build a page now if you want to Do this and you want to have also an

Autoresponder just go to get response And use their software up to 500 Subscribers it's free you get a page Builder you get an Autoresponder you get everything you Need to start a business you don't need To be using this type of software which Is not going to be hosted anywhere Useful it's just really poor so that's Not AI at all this thumnail maker in the World where you have Canva you do never need to use anywhere Else to make thumbnails now canva is Even now got this meat magic Studio here Where you can come along here and Basically give it an AI Description and it's going to build you A thumbnail so let's say this one here Speech key review YouTube template it's Going to actually give me some Suggestions to start with using the AI Within canva so why you would need Anything that you have to pay extra for From these guys I'll never know here's Some suggestions that it's going to give Me very very quickly and I can click on Any of these and basic I can use this now this feature is Actually with the pro version which is $10 a month which is nothing if you're Going to use this on a regular basis to Do your thumbnails and I can basically Come in here and I can start messaging About with all of this and changing all

Of this so that feature is again Pointless you don't need that the Traffic again if you ever heard any of My reviews this comes from a site called Adme and basically these are just links Over to various social media platforms Now some of them are like like Facebook Twitter Pinterest The Usual Suspects but Then you have some things here that have Got nothing to do with traffic Whatsoever such as flicker which is a Link over to a video channel so where Are you going to post on this video Channel to get traffic you have Something to classmates so where am I Going to post to this High School Website to get traffic it's just Pointless the second thing about this is If you haven't got an audience on one of These platforms like Twitter like Facebook nobody's going to see your Links anyway you need to have an Audience on these platforms to get any Traffic over to your sites or your Channels or whatever you're building you Have to have an audience there you can't Just put a random link on Facebook Tomorrow and somehow it's going to go Viral doesn't work like that so that's Not traffic and I think we know that and We've if anybody who's heard my reviews If you haven't please subscribe because You need to start listening to them They'll save you a lot of money in the

Long term basically this isn't traffic The training is is from another product Called Nexus and if you look at the titles here My projects uh short sweet get traffic T It's all the same so basically they're Just regurgitating this training and They might put new stuff in there but It's going to be from Nexus right and Then you have the upgrades here which Are a load of other rubbish that you Don't need on this particular version Doesn't work but they're just trying to Get money out of you like that so time And time again these guys on a monthly Basis release products Billy D makes Money by releasing these products on a Monthly basis not by using them not by Using the strategies inside them just by Releasing the latest greatest idea that He's got from so many it's not even him He's got a team of people who are Actually building these things and all The sales pages are the same the Financial claims are complete nonsense None of them are verified they can't Show you a channel here any channel that They've built with this to show that it Actually works it's all nonsense on YouTube if you want to build a channel You have to to build one that's got Unique content on it high quality Content so you can get the watch time And it takes time it takes a lot of

Effort and if you're one of the channels Like Mr Beast has got he's done hundreds Of videos and spent years building that Up it's not easy it's not something you Can automate you start putting the same Videos on as anybody else they'll get Copyright flagged you start using Anybody's videos on YouTube they got Copyright flagged it's just such a poor Way to try and build this kind of Business online if you want to be honest If you want to do this properly get Yourself a channel get yourself canva And then get yourself a very nice easy Editing software and start making videos Yourself faceless or not faceless it Doesn't really matter you just need to Be consistent and upload on a regular Basis if you're interested in learning How to do all of that by the way hit the Link in the description below there's Some training there that's going to take You through how to do all that but this Silly software is such a waste of time If you want to go for better quality Products Get response canva are the two places You need to start to replace this Straight away and at the front end both Of them are free hope that is useful to You guys my name is Richard Derby this Is the school of Nomads if you're Interested in these types of real honest Reviews go ahead and hit that subscribe

And notification Bell and I'll let you Know whenever I produce new videos and Guys if you're serious and you want to Build a real honest affiliate marketing Business online hit the link in the Description below over to the school of Nomads and we'll get you started Straight away until next time guys take Care

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