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Hey guys Ricky today so in this review I Want to talk about sender Mojo now this Is by Art Flair and Pablo gusal Otherwise known as the black belt team Now this is just released on the 11th of March and it's really all about Providing you some software that you can Send emails and texts now this is kind Of being sold as a traffic solution and A traffic app and it talks about having An AI email a message autoresponder Which sends unlimited emails SMS and Push notification for a one-time fee I Want you to remember that one time three Piece because it does come in to play Once I talk to you about the rules They're talking about unlimited Everything on here and basically when we Get into the otos as well they talk more About everything being free and Unlimited but we'll get into that and Then obviously here it says free traffic So we'll get into we are going to jump Inside I'll show you around the actual Software it's very very simple and then We'll come back to the sales page I just Want to show you a couple of things on The sales page you need to be aware of Before you go ahead and buy any kind of Product or service of vendors like these So guys if you haven't been up to my Channel before these are very honest Reviews the idea is you get a bit more Information before you part ways with

Your hard-earned money if you're Interested in these types of honest Reviews go ahead and hit that subscribe And notification Bell and I'll let you Know whenever I've been using your Videos and guys if you're really serious And you want to work out how to build a Real business online with affiliate Marketing I have some free training for You go ahead and hit the link in the Description below otiscore Nomads and We'll get you started straight away so Let's jump straight inside guys Basically you have here a dashboard then You have a phone book on here that isn't Actually working at the moment there's Supposed to be somewhere you can upload A contact group of phone numbers then You have some ability to contact them Here and then you get to the SMS now Remember they talked about one-time fee And this being free the first thing you Need to do is connect your API now you Connect your API in a number of ways There's various as they call them Gateways here all all of these are SMS Services now each one of these SMS Services is not free it charges you Money so let's look at twilo first here Is twillow now this is an SMS service And depending on where you want to send Text to this is a pay-as-you-go series Now these are UK Figures they might be different in your

Own country but essentially they're Going to charge you this amount to send And received texts every single time so This is not a free service let's just Put something else in it let's just put India just as an example and they say It's not applicable for local numbers But you can do it for international Numbers so in some countries these Aren't even applicable so the first Thing is you need to understand is if You're being promised an SMS service From anywhere it's not free that's not The way it works all phone companies Will charge you money to send sms's So that's the first thing so you have to Select some kind of Gateway here and Then you have an API from that Gateway That you load up here once you have that It just gives you the ability to build a Little template here for your SMS is or A campaign and you can send basically People messages where you can have an Affiliate Link in those messages so they Say and you can get traffic over to Those affiliate links obviously you need To have a whole bunch of people's Numbers here this is a numbers game You'd need to have thousands of phone Numbers of responsive people that want To have your message because if you Don't if you're anything like me Somebody sends me a text message I've Never heard of it gets deleted straight

Away and blocked but that's the idea Here guys but it isn't free same as Email if you come down to email API it's The same thing so you can have an SMTP Here so if you've got your own hosting Account you will have an ability to get The SMTP details and attach them into This software so that you can send Emails from this software completely Pointless to me because you've got Webmail anyway and even on email I would Not trust this to be deliverable they Say 99 deliverable I don't think there's A chance in hell is 99 deliverable if You go down any of these routes mandrel Or any of these services like sendgrid Or mail gun again these are email Services that charge you they're not Free why would they be so there is Actually some email services that will Charge you up to a certain level of Subscribers so the idea is I'll come Over to mandrel I would add the details Of mandrel on here and you can then use This to have email templates and email Campaigns that you can develop from this System again this has got no way of Collecting emails so it's not really a Traffic app because you can't collect The emails in the first place you've got No landing pages on here to collect Emails none of that's included it's just A way that you can send emails but of Course if you go to somewhere like get

Response you can have like a completely Free plan up to 500 subscribers with Email marketing with a website builder You can connect your own domain to it Again you can start with a list of 500 Contacts for free all of this stuff you Can get for free when you go to these Proper services like aweber or somewhere Like get response you don't need to have Some crappy software that somebody else Is developing that they're in charge of That's not an established company with Established servicing or any of that Stuff that meets gdpr roles in Europe None of that will be met here because This is just a blank way to send emails You need to come if you're serious about Marketing Online to somewhere like get Response and use their service you Really do maybe not this one you can get Away wherever or wherever but make sure That all of the things that you need to Have in place to have a proper business With email is in place and you can email From here this software I'm not sure who It's designed for it's clearly not Design for people that actually want to Make money and are serious online and There's no way that they send their own Emails out with this software they'll Send them out with one of these Established Services you can see there's Various pricing on they get response you Just click over to get response and have

A look at but basically Guys this is my advice to you is if you Want anything that is for emails go to Somewhere like get responded so Basically that's all it is if you come Back to the software that's basically All it does for you now we'll just go Back to the sales page The sales page will talk about unlimited Emails unlimited SMS you have to pay for Them they're not unlimited they're Unlimited to your own funds if you come Down to the actual testimonials on here They're using these testimonials now These are the same faces I see on every One of their Mojo products and basically They look like they're coming out to a Site like this and just creating these You can create these posts on this site And then just copy and generate the Image and use them on your sales Pages You can have likes you can have all of This type of stuff clearly to me these Are complete nonsense if you look at Some of our other products Riddler this One is a product they had live basically Use the same guy and use the same thing Over and over again and then you have This website Mojo the same person Lana O'Neill turns up so it tells you about Be working as a freelancer again you'll See since I'm working as a freelancer it Says exactly the same thing so basically They're asking you to believe that she's

Coming onto some Facebook account by the Way team black belt I've looked on Facebook I don't see that account Anywhere but some account I just Repeating the same thing over and over And then buying their products yet again And buying their products yet again and Leaving a testimonial complete nonsense So I don't trust these guys I wouldn't Actually spend any money with them I'm Advising you if you want to go and use Any kind of software like this ignore All of this because clearly this isn't Going to be something that's going to Bring you value if I look at the otos When I Look to the otos something else Interesting they talk about unlimited Everything on the front end which is 17 But then they have unlimited emails Unlimited SMS and then on the unlimited Version they ask for another 37 they Asked for everything to be unlimited Again so you're getting unlimited Unlimited emails It's just nonsense and then you just Descending to other otos on here I'll Give you a brief list of these in the Description but they've got other otos On here they're just Veer away for what This product actually is and just goes Back to their usual training the usual Stuff they give away with every single Product it's all completely not related To this product it's all nonsense so

Guys I would advise you not to touch This I would advise you to leave these Types of products alone if you're Interested in building a real business And you want to understand how really to Build a business with affiliate Marketing online I do advise you to grab That free training you'll see the link In the description below I'll just go Nomads go through that training it's Going to give you a much better Foundation for actually building a real Business online thanks for taking the Time to watch this review my name is Richard Darby this is called Nomads Until next time take care [Music]

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