Start Earning with ClickBank! 2024 Beginner’s Blueprint to Affiliate Marketing

Hey guys Richard here so in this video I Want to talk to you about ClickBank now ClickBank is an affiliate Marketplace That you can actually come along and use The products and services here to earn Commissions now you do that by getting Links that they provide and then you can Share with others and if they come along Through your link to buy the product and Service you'll make that commission so If you're completely new stick around This video is actually going to show you Inside the site and I'm show you how you Get those links and actually suggest a Few ways you can actually start using Them to make money so guys you haven't Been up to my channel before my name is Richard Derby this is School of Nomads If you're interested in building a real Long-term sustainable Business Online go Ahead and hit the link in the Description below over to the school of Nomads we got some training for you There that'll get you started straight Away so let's jump straight in here guys Basically you're going to see a couple Of views if you come in I'm going to Skip the bit where you sign up you're Going to go through and use the same Type of forms you usually would when you Sign up for one of these websites now They will ask you some payment details Now they don't want money off you this Is is where you want your money sent so

They will ask you some uh details around That so that if they pay you commissions They can either send it to your bank They will send a check I haven't sent a Check for a long time but they used to Send checks or they'll send it as as I Said directly to your bank account so Basically they're going to ask you Information like that so be prepared for That okay so basically when you come in You're going to have one of a couple of Views you're going to have either this View here which is kind of your nickname View or you're going to see this Dashboard link here now this is the main Dashboard where you can have an account With many many different nicknames now The nickname is a thing that clickback Uses to identify you so you add your Nickname to one of their links and that Nickname is you it's it's aligned with Your account and then they know who has Actually gone through the account the Actual link to your account and actually Got that commission so that nickname is Very important don't really worry what It is to start with just build a Nickname that they'll accept and you can Use lots of different nicknames as you Go along which is where this view comes In because this is more more of a an Overall view so irrespective of which View you see I want you to go and find This affiliate Marketplace here which is

On the left hand side or on this view Marketplace the affiliate Marketplace is There it's going to take you to this Page now this page has changed quite a Bit recently it's always getting Modernized always seems to be a little Bit fresher now basically you're going To come through here and you're going to Look at various categories of the Products or Services you want to go Ahead and promote now this could be Their health and fitness ebook business And marketing spirituality self-help Home and Garden cooking green products Business investing it's good to know Which one you're actually going to be in Which needs you're going to be in you Don't want to go ahead and pick Something randomly um you want to be in Something you going to build a business Around which is where that training Comes in I mentioned earlier it's going To teach you how to build a business Around a certain interest that you may Have or a niche you're interested in but Basically you can come in here let's Just have a look at the top office here To come along to the top offers now These are going to be the ones that are Selling most on the network at the Moment I'm going to explain a few of These things to you so there's a number Of ways on the right hand side you can Sort this you can have the rank high to

Low low to high average conversions I'll Go through all of this initial Conversion rear curling billing and Gravity now gravity is the one that I Tend to search on and this tells me how Much this is actually been sold recently So it's kind of a weighted formula the Used to show how often it's being sold And by how many different Affiliates and It gives you a good idea of whether a Product's popular or not now one little Caveat here it's not always great to go For the highest gravity product on here Because you are going to get a massive Amount of competition if you go for this One let say this pure rev one here but I'll go through a little bit more as we Go along so basically the gravity score Is here that gives me a great indication That pure review is obviously being sold By lots of people this would be some Kind of Health thing it usually is is And then you have an average conversion So this is $133 here 89 so this is based On what the actual overall funnel is This is what you can lightly get if People come along and go ahead and buy Through your link now of course it's not Guaranteed there are people out there That are going to have very very good Conversion rates because they've got Amazing content they're putting towards This could be even paid traffic they use And there's lots of different ways you

Can get actual traffic over to these Offers it's not necessary you're going To get $133 but the potential is there So you can see this is going to be a Good one if you want to spend some real Time on this to actually go for then you Have things like let let me look look at This one the gravity score is 381 the Initial conversion is $151 but there's a recur billing here so That means that there's some kind of Membership on top of that the actual Initial fee here so this could be even Something that's like a rebuild for some Um add-ons to the actual product itself It could be some just refills that People get sent every month there's lots Of different things that this could be And you can actually go through and have A look at this but basically that's what That reoccurring billing is there and Ideally you actually want a bit of recur Recurve billing because it means that You're going to get paid every single Month going forward so that's what those Main things are the main things to look At very quickly uh what's the gravity Score and what is this uh conversion Thing here 152 38 that looks pretty good Now on the left hand side here you've Got all the categories I mentioned Earlier in a little bit more detail so You can they split out slightly more I'm Just going to go into my own EB business

And e- marketing here now these are Products that are kind of softwares or They're going to be training courses Around the make money online n mainly Okay so a lot of this stuff is very Popular I got lots of different reviews On this if you want to come and check Some of them out you got to go ahead and Have a look for yourself and see if You're happy with them and basically if You just check this one here this live Chat jobs this is something I don't Think is that great but let's just have A look at it the gravity score is 28 the Initial conversion is only $5 there's a Recurve billing of $33 you can see There's some kind of um they call it Tripwire product that be a front end There that gives you very very low Membership but I know for a fact that Once you start going through the funnel On this there's at least seven or eight Upsells that you go through and they're Trying to get you to buy more and more Memberships so the average conversion They saying is is uh 6 $6 now if I want To go and have a look more what this Affiliate program actually is I can Delve into this a little bit more I can Go to the affiliate page here now this Is where I can start having a look at What I can use to actually promote this Product now you might want to not want To use this word for word some of this

Information but it's a great guide for You to actually you look at what you can Actually create yourself and there's all Sorts of things on this one so social Cell rep and they got uh email swipes You can use so if when you've got an Autoresponder you can go ahead and use Some of these email swipes again not Word for word but use them as a guide Product images you might have a website You can start putting product images on That all sorts of different ones here You can download all of these images and Use them for Yourself you have uh some information Around demographics these are always Very useful kind of tells you what type Of people would buy this product um what Type of gadgets they use and some high Converting GEOS if you want to go ahead And use paid traffic for this be careful On some of the pay traffic for some of These products because they don't like Using the actual name you might have to Use social media marketing or something As a as a a keyword to actually get them Over here but basically if that's going To be the demographics you would go for Um again PPC ads here they got more Information on what you can use for play Traffic you got Facebook ad images here Again you can use these directly on Facebook so this is one of those Products that's got lots of information

On they can actually utilize now if I Scroll down they've actually also got Landing pages you can use as well you Can bring people over to the landing Pages now if I wanted to actually go Ahead and look at the links themselves I Just come back to the main actual Listing here and all I need to do is Press on promote here now this has Actually got one of my older nicknames Here and I can use some kind of tracking ID here basically I can say YouTube If I Want to track my YouTube sales and I was Going to have this on some kind of video And then I can create the Hop link now This is the link that potentially I Could Use to go ahead and drive traffic over To this product so you can see here if I Just press enter on that link they come Straight over to the sales page of this Product now if somebody buys this from This link I will then go ahead and get That commission now as you can see here This link is quite ugly I look at this Here it's not the nicest looking link Now what I can do is I can go ahead and Use lots of different types of Link Shortage services like bitly I use Something called pretty links on my own Website and basically you can make these A lot nicer these links before you go Ahead and share them now that's the that Would be the aim is to get these links

Shared to people now how could you do That well one way that you can do this Is by actually doing product reviews so You can come through here and on a a YouTube channel like this one or on a Blog you can actually review this Product now that could be something that You just go ahead and purchase the Product yourself it's relative Relatively inexpensive on the front end About $30 in all once you get through a Couple of the app sales and you can Actually go through this product and Just show people what it is and then Actually recommend this product if You're interested in this particular one Another thing you could do is a Blog do This similar type thing just write about The product on a Blog and then actually Drive traffic through that if it's free Then you're going to have to have quite A lot of traffic over to make sales but Once you have an established YouTube Channel when you promote things like This you're going to end up making a lot Of money the other things you can do is Social media you can see there was some Social media adverts on there maybe you Can use social media posts you can even Use things like Tik Tok and talk about Social media jobs and how to make money On social media and then you can go Ahead and promote things like this There's lots of different ways that you

Can do that now there's whole tutorials I've got in my channel if you go ahead And have a look at different types of Traffic sources over to these the worst Thing you can do is just blindly get the Link and try and just share it to Everybody blindly because that's not Going to be very engaging for them if You can build up some kind of content Which is what the training I've got in My description below will show you how To do how to get a niche how to build Content around that how to build a Website how to drive traffic all of that Kind of stuff will help you promote These types of ClickBank products now if You can go ahead and build a business Like that it's very easy to come into ClickBank and find products in whatever Niche you have if I just come over to Something like article marketing you'll See there's products in article Marketing if I come over to health and Fitness there's lots of different Products in health and fitness let's Just go over over to this one here just Very quickly what is this one each one Of these by the way you can just click That that title on one you come straight Over to the product sales page and this Is something around health and fitness Is obviously some kind of uh ointment or Something basically each one of these You're going to have a way that you can

Go and you can promote these in whatever Way it may be this is a smoothie one This is Obviously yeah about diet smoothies so You can see there's a lots and lots of Different types of categories on here Each of those categories there a Subcategory you can go into there's got Bound to be products on here that you Think could be good for your particular Audience so that's ClickBank guys I Thought I'd give you a quick go this is What it looks like in 2023 going into 2024 that's the interface very easy to Use come and sign up it's completely Free to sign up have a look around have Some um look around at things like the Gravity I said I would mention that I Usually go for things around 50 to 150 Gravity Mainly because I know that they're Selling but there's not going to be a Massive amount of competition how that Usful to you guys my name is Richard Derby this is school Nomads if you're Interested in these types of topics go Ahead and hit the Subscribe notification Bell and I'll let you know whenever I Produce new videos and guys if you're Really serious and want to build a real Business go ahead and check out the link In the description below over to the School of Nomads and we'll get you Started straight away next time guys

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