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Hey guys if you're someone who've been Struggling online you haven't got a clue What you're doing you're really really Confused there's lots of information out There lots of different courses or Software you can buy watch this video Cuz this is really going to help you out And basically save you a lot of money in The process now I started online many Many years ago and basically what I was Doing is like spending so much money on Different types of products different Types of software thinking I was missing Something because there's some kind of Strategy that I'm not getting and the Reality is is a lot simpler than you Think to actually make money you got to Find a trusted mentor and you got to Find a course that actually works for You now I'm going to recommend something To you today that's literally $1 I'll Tell you that up front and it'll get you Started from actually selecting a topic You're going to start a business in to Actually having an established business All in one course now it's called taking Action online and I'm actually going to Jump inside right now and I'm going to Show you inside taking action online and I want you to really really consider This because this is something that Really helped me establish a proper Business online so as I said this Product is called taking action online

And the idea is that it's going to take You from having no idea what you're Doing as far as creating a business is Concerned to actually having a business That makes money online now it doesn't Really matter what you're do you could Be in affiliate marketing you could be In CPA marketing social media marketing This is really really going to help you Because it gives you all of the key Components that you need to build a Business so I'm going to jump inside and Show you what you get and this is all For $1 a so basically what you get is a Number of items here now you going to Have a foundation module which is a Bunch of videos that really kind of set The tone for you and allow you to Actually get your mindset right and These are all going to be about 3 to 5 Minutes long and basically these on some Key topics that you need to know before You get started really building your own Business so it's all about how you're Actually going to make money with this Type of training um the need to be Trustworthy and transparent how actually Compound growth works and how actually Compound growth as far as the audience You build and also the money you make How all that works why TOA was created And some proof that TOA actually works Taking action online these are really Really good foundation modules they'll

Get you to really kind of know Philip's Style and how he actually goes about Teaching people and he is very very Detailed once he gets into the Nitty-gritty of how to actually do Things then you're going to jump onto This action plan now this action plan is Really where all the magic happens the Very first part of this action plan is a Success blueprint easy for me to say Which again is number of videos now There's about 9 hours training in this Particular program but it's split into a Number of different days so you can take It at whatever speed you want to Actually go ahead and take all of these Different modules but the idea is that There's certain things that people Struggle with especially when they first Come online and certain behaviors that They struggle with and he goes through Each one of these in these videos so Five issues all successful marketers Struggle with this is a really key Question how long does it take to make Money online everybody wants to know That one sha Jackson syndrome if you've Been in the make money online space Especially for any length of time you're Going to have shiny object syndrome You're going to be buying lots of Different types of software if you see My channel I do a lot of those types of Reviews overthinking and fear of failure

Impostor syndrome real for all of us we All got imposter syndrome do we actually Know what we're talking about do we Think we know what we're talking about Does it really matter uh Blissful Ignorance versus arrogance um the need To read and there need to be actually Building your knowledge up as you going Along and building your business and Then some things around going fast and Easy the beauty of passive income the Truth of building an online business and Then going ahead and starting that Business of your own now these are Really really good foundation videos for You to go through because it really Establishes what you're going to be Doing as far as the training is Concerned and the way that you're Supposed to be thinking about building Your business and remember this business Can be in absolutely any Niche any topic That you choose you can start building a Business around that and he's going to Show you how so I just jump back to the Action plan you then get into the kind Of seven main steps of the action plan Each one of these is a multiple of Videos and there is some text on each One to explain as well and there is also Some trackers that you can use to Actually go ahead and track your Progress as you go through so a look at The action plan tracker this is

Something that you can use it a Cloud-based tracker that you can go Ahead and use and actually tick off as You go through this course so you can See what you've been doing and basically These are multiple videos that you can Go through and it's going to explain Different concepts around this Particular topic now this is the niche Simplicity now Niche Simplicity is Something that is really key to Understand how to pick your niche in the First place a lot of people get stuck on This piece what am I going to build a Business around what does the niche look Like how big does the niche need to be Am I going to Broad am I going to small All of that kind of stuff is explained Within this module and once you've Actually gone through this and done the Exercises you'll come out of this other Side with basically a niche that you can Start working on and producing content Around so that's the very first step is Picking your topic and picking your Niche and then the Rock Solid Foundations starts to look at how you're Going to build your website so you're Going to have a domain name you're going To build a website you're going to start Putting the bones of that website Together and basically shows you click For click how to do that you cannot go Wrong if you're using the same software

As him you can basically not go wrong Because you're going to get this click For click and obviously there is some Additional investment in getting your Domain name but you're going to be Building a business online so how would You not have additional investment it's Just something you absolutely need so Basically guys this is how to build your Initial website to get you going and Establish that Foundation online that You need next up you're going to be Talking about the chosen path to success So there's a number of ways that you can Build an audience online you can have a Blog you can have YouTube channels which I've got you there's a number of ways And he talks about kind of choosing your Path to success straight away so you can Start concentrating on one type of Content as we go through further modules The reason again that that's critical is Because you don't want to be doing a Blog and a YouTube channel because it'll Thin out your time you want to Concentrate on one first and then maybe Gravitate over to another over time so It's really critical that you choose Your path to success and he talks about The pros and cons of each and you just Choose one now next one is talking about Um optimize um the conversion optimized Deployment now this is really Interesting because again it's looking

At your website again and doing a little Bit more as far as how do you go about Building a good website out there's Compliant you talks about about me pages And various other types of affiliate Disclaimer pages that you might need how Do you build out that website so it's Compliant we and you have all of the Logos and favicons everything that you Need wouldn't worry about this it's Click for click you just follow along You do what he says and you're going to Go ahead and you'll have a website That's fully compliant aligned to Google Has its own properties in Google and you Can actually track who's visiting so It's really really good that again very Very detailed next up is the Irresistible lead magnet this is Interesting because this allows you to Gather leads that are going to be your Buyers in the future by giving them Something for free now he has some done For you lead magnets in here which you Can start with but he also tells you how To go about and make one using like AI Tools to make your lead magnet and make You look really that people actually Want to opt in and get that lead magnet This is something that's really Important if you want to build up any Kind of audience for any type of Business is giving away something for Free and this is where you're going to

Learn how to do that once we have our Lead magnet we have our delivery system So this is a way that you can go ahead And have a email list that you can start Gathering so you're going to be able to Build a web page that people come along And opt into they get your lead magnet And then they're going to go onto your List and an email autoresponder and you Can send them out Communications you can Send them out offer off you can send Them out value and this is a really Really good way that you can communicate With people and make money on an ongoing Passive basis that's where the passive Income comes from when you have people On your list that you can just promote To and basically they will buy off you So email marketing boot camp uses to get Respon in this case uh it's completely Free to start with and basically you can Start building up your own autoresponder With your own list and the last up is The time to launch now what do you need To do to actually launch your website And then what type of content you need To make on a regular basis to actually Start getting people over to your site This is going to put you in a position Where basically you have a business That's ready to go and ready to start Making money for you now there is some Additional things on here which you do Not need to get started with I will make

That very clear but there's a whole Marketing Academy that he's opened here That you can actually join and basically This is going to be a much more detailed Version of once you have everything Established how can you make money on an Ongoing basis and what further things Can you do to enhance your business and This has done over 180 days and Basically this has been proved to build Multiple businesses online there's lots And lots of different tactics in here Strategies in here lots of things that He shows you how to do plus you're going To get some free coaching calls if you Decide to go down this route I stress at The beginning for your $1 investment you Don't need to go ahead and buy this Marketing Academy that's only if you end Up building that business that you want To have to establishing a foundation and You're really serious about taking that Forward so that's up to you the other Big thing here is you have a feed now This feed is kind of a Facebook style Feed where everybody in here is actually Purchased taking action online so They're all buyers and basically they Talk about their progress and their Updates and what work they're doing they Put questions in here Philip comes in Here regularly plus a lot of other People will come in here and actually Answer questions you know there one from

Matt here um talking about his URLs and Philips give some advice there F also These videos in here for people all Sorts of different things that you can Have in here and you're going to be Meeting lots of different people you see These people are all active in the Community at the moment they're all Coming to to actually come and start Looking and and um putting various posts In here these are really really good Resources and really really good Community to have with you because Whatever you need to know everything Will be here to help you establish your Business so guys if you're interested in This as I said they see the link in the Description below it's literally a Dollar go and grab it now it's worth it For a dollar just to have a look at what The training is all about and I would Advise you to get it because basically This is how I start online and I make Money every single day hope that's usful To you guys my name is Richard Derby This is the school nads don't forget to Hit the link in the description below Until next time take [Music] Care

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