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Hey guys Richard here so in this review I want to talk to you about Supreme now This is a new product by venkata Romana I was used to be released on the 24th of March now this is a AI affiliate store Builder it's going to drive you free Buyer traffic in less than 30 seconds There is a bit of a typo in here notice On the sales page it's not always good But let's go through the actual product Itself and I'm going to show you what This is all about now the idea of my Reviews guys is I'm going to give you an Honest review give you some pluses and Some minuses about these types of Products so you can make a really good Decision whether you think this is going To be a good addition to your own Business now if you haven't been new to My channel before my name is Richard Darby at this school of Nomads if you're Interested in these types of honest Reviews go ahead and hit that subscriber Notification Bell and I'll let you know Whenever I produce new videos and guys If you're really serious and you're Struggling and you're trying to figure Out how to build a real affiliate Marketing business online not just Looking at these types of shiny objects In silly software but if you want to Learn how to build a real business go Ahead and check out the link in the Description below oh to score Nomads I

Got some completely free training for You there that'll get you started in an Honest and practical way today so let's Jump straight into this now what you Have basically here is a store Builder And some ways that you can create some Content now one kind of negative on this Is the store Builder piece now you can Go ahead and create a store Builder now You just need to give yourself a sub Domain here and a login email and you Can create some stores now that piece Works in one click you build a store the Problem is you're not actually Generating any kind of content or Anything or any kind of Niche from that Particular part of the process so if I Just click into the store it creates Here it creates just a blank Store front here that you can go ahead And change right no different from any Other pageable that you can possibly Find go if I just go back and show you The login piece here you go into the Back end and this is where you're Actually going to build the store now Again this kind of dashboard is no Different from any other store Builder So you have the various settings on here Payment options subscriptions domain Settings you can change your domain on Here hopefully because you do not want To have a domain that's a subdomain if You have then I wouldn't actually go

Anywhere near this anyway because as Soon as they stop using this then your Business is completely gone if you've Got a store on this subdomain which by The way if you look at their sales page Just a slight aside here they're Claiming hundreds of beta testers are Already making money thousands of people Are making money every single day on This and this was actually only created One month ago so basically they've Downloaded some software from code Canyon or somewhere put it onto a domain And they did that just over a month ago As you can see there as soon as the Sales page again that was only created a Month ago so supreme or whatever it's Called it's only been around for less Than a month so those claims are not so We all know that don't we so you can Have a domain here and basically you can Go through and select a theme select Your menus add your pages the same thing You can on so many page Builders these Days I always talk about get response if You want a free website you can come Over to get response have a free website If you've got a list of 500 subscribers It's an autoresponder it's a website and All you need to do is come along and Pick e-commerce on here pick any Template and there you go you've got a Free website on here that you can start Adjusting and doing all the same things

Adding all of your Social Links Everything you want to and on this you Can actually connect it to your domain For less than 10 bucks and then also Host a few so things like get response Are much better quality or just go to The ones that are really good like Shopify if you want to use a really high Quality one so many options out there Just put store builders in Google so There's no need to actually buy this for A store Builder the AI content actually Does work now I've actually done some Work on the a content already and it did Generate me some Content from uh this query here give me Two thousand words on dog training the Only thing I can see wrong with this and It does work it does give you content as If I want to then go and Change the query on that or let's say I Wanted to put that into bullets or do More if I just press regenerate it Doesn't do anything apart from Regenerate the same query so I can't do Anything with this exists in text it's Just changing it around whereas if I do The same in chat GPT like this I can Actually change it so I can actually say Something like give me a list of the Above In In table form For instance right and I can change it

Very quickly or go off now and it will Actually give this in a table form And do that very quickly for me so it's A lot easier just going over to chat GPT Which is quite frankly free right or you Can pay 20 bucks a month for the Professional version which is one of the Versions I've got and and basically guys You can just get your Content off this rather than use this Here because once I've created that Content on here again I'll just go back I can copy it but then I have to go into My store Builder and then I have to Paste it into my store Builder somewhere So it's all a little bit clunky it's not Automatically allowing me to send it off To my website that I built it's just a Kind of separate thing the same with the AI Graphics if I look at the AI Graphics I can do the same with here because it Says it's something like dog training And it's going to go off and find me Some AI graphics and again it has got Links to open AI because I saw the Address of the actual graphic that it Gives you and basically it's an open AI Address I've done again I've looked at This is this open AI IDL this weird Address here this is where these images Are coming from so it has got links back To open AI on there And it's probably dally e Which is this software here and again

You can get all of these guys so again You can get this for free just basically Going somewhere like daily e and if I go Back to here you can see this is waiting A long time I did just know it's doing Some tests in the Dali is actually busy At the moment Um because obviously there's a bit of a Server overload on here so you may have That issue when you're generating these Images because it's going over to that Software and it's trying to fetch those Images back for you which may cause a Bit of DeLay So A little bit clunky there as well I Don't really think you need just AI Graphics generator where the types of Graphics that you're probably going to Need just go to free Graphics sites Again and just get images and use them There's no need to get some of these Images so I'll let that keep rolling Just in case um it actually fires up Before I get to the end of the review so Basically that's what you have as far as The content generation piece as on here Now the traffic engine basically is Another one of their products called Sparks now Sparks is just a Pinterest Product so what you're going to do is Create campaigns to actually post on Pinterest so people are gonna have to Click on those campaigns they're not Necessarily going to be buyers because

It's just Pinterest and they're gonna They're gonna have to come over to your Website and find something amazing on Your website and then buy on your Website so it's not free traffic it's Not any of this 30 seconds what is this 30-second traffic free buyer traffic It's nonsense all of that is nonsense Pinterest is like any other social media Platform if you've got no Following on that platform you've got a Very very limited reach most of your Pins are going to do absolutely nothing If you do get traffic it relies on them Looking at your image going into a link Clicking through that link coming into Your website clicking through that it Just is too much messing about because None of this Information on these stores is gonna Drive any traffic organically it's going To have to come by you sharing that link Somehow and it's very problematic that's Where I think some of these things that There may be kind of a cheap way to Build a store online but these sales Pages are always complete nonsense Couple of clicks to do something 30 Second track it's just nonsense the Reality is if you build a store up Online you have to Market it in a very Very efficient way thousands of visitors Over to it to get any kind of good Living online and all of these silly

Income claims on here are actually Delight Warrior Plus numbers so they're Saying they're selling Warrior plus Products on these stores so again you're Gonna have to drive traffic to those Warrior plus products and I just think It's a lot harder that they're making Out on these stores there you go Eventually it's come up with some images Here of dog training now basically you Need to download these and then you'll Have to upload them into your site so We'll just come and have a look at some Of these images Because that AI generated they're always A bit weird if you look at this here see How these lines aren't quite right this Is all a little bit blurred and it's not Quite right here this hand looks like It's got about nine fingers The feet look weird it's all a little Bit strange when you're looking at some Of these AI images so you're gonna have To look for certain images that are Going to make sense to you look that Dog's got a little bit of a mad face There it's all a little bit Splodged out it's never that accurate It's better when you're trying to get Images to say cartoons and stuff that Don't need much detail so again have a Look at this one see this hand here is Weird the dog's all a little bit So I just don't think the images are

That good when you're looking at these AI generated images you've got to be Careful Whether when you use them on things like Websites and I'm not really sure if They're claiming on their website sales Page that they're selling Warrior plus Products what would these images Actually be on these websites they do Have it they're obviously a connection With open AI it just needs to be a lot Better if you're going to be trying to Sell things online The content piece could be improved Because I think you just go over chat Gbt and use Their functionality there and the AI Graphics generator isn't good enough Quality yet to be able to put on Websites in my opinion and again I've Talked about the traffic basically just Being Pinterest traffic Guess it's free but you're not going to Get any unless you've got a big Following so that's kind of where I am With Supreme guys I've got some track Record with these guys I know that the Testimonials are just nonsense I've done This before in multiple other reviews There products I'm not even going to go Into that what I am going to advise you To do is if you want to start a business Where you trying to build these Affiliate stores you need to build

Yourself a website get yourself some Good high quality content on there Give people value and then sell Affiliate products on a battery back end Don't try and sell affiliate products on The front end when you've got nothing to Offer people to actually go and buy them If you want to learn how to build this Business for real if you want to do this Honestly and ethically get a niche that You're interested in get a niche that You're passionate about and build a Website around that The training that I'm offering you is Going to teach you how to do that you Can hit the link in the description Below over to scroll Nomads jump on that Training and let's me start showing you How this is done for real this is not Done by buying these silly shiny objects Time After Time there will be a Time Start because you'll build these Websites and nobody will visit and Nobody will buy anything it is not a Long-term Business Online the only People making money from these are the Folks that are selling you this month After month after month that's my Opinion guys hope this is valuable to You my name is Richard Darby this is Called Nomads don't forget to like And Subscribe until next time take care

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