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Hey guys so in this video I want to talk About task AI now I haven't done one of These reviews for a very very long time And I wanted to kind of jump in back in And look at this particular product Because there's a few kind of red flags On this I can see straight away so this Is a product that promises you an AI run Fiverr like Marketplace so you're going To develop your own website that's Basically like Fiverr now there are some Kind of positives and a lot of negatives Around that because things like Fiverr Have a massive marketing process around Them so people know what Fiverr is they Know to go and get tasks there and lots Of people post their own tasks on my Marketplaces like Fiverr because they Know that people are actually searching Those sites for those tasks and that's Where your traffic comes from so we're Going to come into this a lot now what I Want to do really is start with kind of The big negative of the red flag on this Sales page and I usually do this at the End but a lot of people who watch my Reviews that realize I do kind of honest Reviews miss this piece now when you Look at these types of sales Pages the First thing you'll see see is apart from All of the financial proof that Obviously isn't proof but you'll see Things like these testimonials now these Testimonies are supposed to show you

That they're verified task AI uses and They're actually making money with this Particular software right so they've got All these like big comments on here and They've got these images now if you just Do a very very simple Google search on These images you'll realize these images Are completely false so this lady here Who is Marek pawlik who's on a website That's completely unconnected to this Which is here This polish website that's obviously Completely a false testimonial just for Very start of this I know that they're Already lying to me on the sales page Before I even go into the software so Let's jump into the actual software Itself now the actual software is Basically a website builder if you look At the task site here you have these Done for you test sites let me just have A look at one of these Uh there's not one on this this must be An upsell let's let's just have a look At the manage test site test sites and Go into this one here there's kaleem Marketing one and basically you are Creating a Fiverr type test site so We'll just come over to Fiverr this is The look and feel of Fiverr so you have Some search functionality up here if you Just put whatever you it is when done uh Like background removal you'll see a Bunch of these gigs on here that people

Have put on here but on these you've Actually got the people's names you've Got explanation of what they do they've Got some good reviews on here so you can Have a little dig around and understand Who they are and also a lot of choice so If I'm trying to find somebody to do Some of these tasks there's a lot of Choice on here for me to do a lot of This stuff Um but basically you're creating your Own little place where the only you can Do a lot of these gigs on the right hand Side here you see some Um categories and you can just put a Load of these gigs in here we'll do Three the product rendering and Animation and you can put your gig in There now if you're any good at any of This stuff then I would just go and use Fiverr to be quite honest because They're going to have all of the traffic Etc like I mentioned earlier on Fiverr Itself so you don't have to worry about Getting traffic over to these sites Which is when I just jumped back to the Site they say that get traffic is this Stuff here so I just press the plus this Is an ad to any application is on so Many different software these days and Basically it's Facebook Twitter WhatsApp It's all of these types of social media Sites but the issue is if you've got Nobody on Facebook that is interested in

These tasks or you haven't got a big Following you're going to get any Traffic over to this site the problem With these types of sites is the Marketing who is going to see this site When you built it how are you going to Get your name out there you're going to Use paid traffic to bring them into your Task site over and above things like Fiverr How are you actually going to bring this Traffic into your site it's going to be Quite expensive to do paid traffic and Getting organic traffic means you have To set up a YouTube channel or a blog or Something like that that's constantly Pumping out content to get people over To this site so just have that bear that In mind if you want to go down this Route if you're any good at these tasks I would probably say just go on to Fiverr create gigs on Fiverr and let Their marketing machine and their search Functionality help you out but basically You've got various things you can do on Here there's some AI lead finder on here Basically you can come in here and just Find any kind of Leads for different types of businesses So let's say you want to attract some Plumbers For some reason and you want to go New York And I just want a few records per page

This is going to go and search the web And find those for me now none of this Is AI this is so far this is basically Just skimming the web I don't really Know why this is AI but you can go on And you can add a broadcast to this now What this allows you to do is There is a few leaves on here that you Can email so you can just get a load of These leads and then you email them and That's the extent of the emails on here I don't see where they can reply I don't See any of that kind of stuff I don't See any automations built in nothing Like that when you've got free email Builders these days like get response I Think these are completely pointless Plus when you've got a free email Builder a proper one like get response You're less likely to go into the spam Folder it's worth just getting on board With those guys because they comply to All the various can spam laws and gdpr Laws that you've got in various parts of The world you might as well go with the Good guys like get response but up to You guys this is what you get on here It's just a basic way you email people You have a way that you can actually Generate content this is okay there is a Limit of 10 000 words on the front end So this will run out pretty quickly Basically allows you to do different Types of content on here this is like

Jasper and various other things like Copy AI which again a much better Quality than this but this allows you to Actually make some of the different Types of content remember any AI Completely AI generated content isn't Like to rank anywhere so it's quite low Quality so it needs a lot of rewriting And if I was coming in and I'm paying You to write me an article I'd want to Ask her to be very high quality so just Remember that needs to be done and then You have these AI images now basically This is Connecting off to Dali Now everything on here by the way Everything on here you can do with use Another tools so just get Jack GPT Or chat GPT rather and you can use that Or you can just come over to Darley Which is Darley Labs open Ai and it's Darley one of Their products and you can use this to Actually generate images No what's great depends what kind of Prompt you put in here but it does Generate images for you AI employees address chat Bots they've Gotten here You can actually send people to chat With them I don't see why you would do That I'm I'm a little bit confused at This one what is the point of this Like I'm I'm not sure what what I would

Use this for now you can get chat boss These days that you can train With chat GPT to actually work in your Business they're really really good Product so I'm going to review one very Soon Um but this is not one of them I'm Afraid this is a little bit silly uh the Transcription you can actually upload Media and it will transcribe it for you Nice little tool there again for 17 Bucks guys some of this stuff you can Actually just use Um but there is some kind of limitations On it but you can just use it Um but remember there is a 10 000 limit On here it doesn't actually say anywhere Whether that's per month or just Completely And there is an audio and a voiceover Piece here you can add your text in here And it'll give you some audio to Actually generate you can get these for Free on the web all over the place and Then you can actually generate AI code Now you can generate a AI code in catch EPT as well all you need to do is come Along and tell it what kind of code you Want to generate and it'll generate it For you because there is some training On here It's okay it tells you how to use the Functionality no real issues with that Now the main thing I see the problems

With this type of software is one I Talked about the sales page that's Clearly not being honest with you on the Sales page but the problem is if you Create a website like this How are you going to get the traffic Over to our website who's going to come Along and see it I've created loads of These types of websites years and years Ago where you think you just put a Website on the web and people will Somehow miraculous come over to it it Doesn't work like that guys the only way You get people over to your website is By putting valuable content on there That will actually drive some kind of SEO to that website put in videos on Things like YouTube with links Underneath that people will actually go Over to a website Or using things like paid traffic If you don't actually share the link to That website with other folks In this case where there's no content on There that's going to regenerate any Organic traffic then nobody's going to See it so you're going to be wasting Your time if you want to do these types Of task related money making activities You're better off going on things like Fiverr or a lot of the other sites that You have on there For Freelancers and basically just Putting tasks on those sites and then

Just fulfilling those tasks for their Sites the reason they're better because They can generate the traffic for you People go to Fiverr to find people to do Various types of tasks that's why I Think these types of software is a Completely pointless if you want to go Ahead and pay 17 bucks for a little bit Of the functionality that's on here you Can get someone else with them fair Enough But the reality is you're not going to Make a great deal of money off this Unless you can generate a lot of traffic Over to it and get those orders in That's from my perspective guys that's Why I wouldn't recommend any kind of Software like this especially uh the Very first thing I see when I Interrogate the sales page is completely Made up Testimonials others use it to you guys My name is Richard Derby this is called Nomads if you're interested in building A real affiliate marketing business Go ahead and hit the link in the Description below it's got some Completely free training for you there That'll get you started straight away Until next time guys take care [Music] Foreign [Music]

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