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You're interested in building a business Online you need to figure out what your Audience is and what the specific topic Is that they want to learn about and What their pain points are that means You have to get a niche say like health And you have to really funnel in on a Certain aspect of Health maybe it's an Age group thing maybe it's a certain Type of Health that you want to get into Like food or dieting or exercise or Whatever it may be you need to funnel in And really reduce the audience size the Reason that's a good thing is because You can really focus your content on That particular audience rather than Going too broad which is where all the Competition is the way you reduce Competition is kind of really funnel in And targeting a certain amount of Audience so that's what you want to do When you first start off figure out what Your Niche is go on something like chat GPT really start digging in to what that Niche wants what kind of information you Can give them what their pain points are And then build content around that topic

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