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Hey guys Richard here so in this review I talked about text to profit now this Is a product by Jason Fulton and Jason I'm going to Delhi and was released on The 10th of November now this is their Latest product and this time it's all About generating articles and selling Them online which they're claiming they Make up to 197 every time they generate One of these articles we're going to Jump inside this is my own copy of the Software I'll have a look around we'll Check some of these menus out on the Side and then we'll come back and we'll Talk a little bit about the sales page And the tactic overall hey guys just let Me interrupt for one second I got a Great recommendation for you I'm going To show you how you can build a real Business online literally for the price Of a pizza this is the exact method that I use to get started online and I use This method every single day what I want You to do is jump down into the Description you'll see a link just like This go and click on this link over to This page now this page is going to Start introducing you to a product Called the simple traffic blueprint Which is going to teach you step by step How to start a business and get traffic Over to your affiliate offers in any Niche it really really is a very very Simple method you can get started with

It straight away fill in your details Here just your name and your email Address here give me a consent and then Go ahead and click the get started box And you'll be brought over to this page Here as I said this is literally the Price of a pizza it's going to teach you How you can start using a real method to Get traffic the same method I use every Day and I'm telling you what guys you Never have to show your face you never Have to be on camera all you need to do Is follow the tutorials here step by Step and you can start building a Business as soon as today I would jump Over here guys there's 50 free done for You niches you can get stuck into Straight away lots of options and again It's the way that I started out online So I highly recommend this method thanks For taking the time to watch this a very Very quick recommendation let's get back To the review so guys as I said let's Jump inside we'll have a look exactly What this is doing so basically this is All about article rewriting this isn't Really AI not everything is AI that you Press a button online these days but They seem to want to call everything Artificial intelligence it's not like Jasper or any of them programs that Truly are AI they've got machine Learning technology behind them which Are trying to get you articles that are

Truly truly unique all this is doing is Spinning an article and making it Slightly different now all you need to Do is put a a title here and I'm going To go and jump over here and I'm going To grab a random article online and go Ahead and plonk this in and I'm going to Show you exactly what this does as far As spinning is concerned now a couple of Things to note on here as I'm just about To do this on my version which is the Front end version at 19 you've got a Three article limit per day which is a Little bit useless because if I want to Do more than three articles that's me Done after threes so basically you have To upgrade to get an unlimited version Of this which is pretty poor so what We're going to do is we're going to have A look and change some of this stuff see I've got my own AI Intelligence on it Grammarly working for me and then we're Going to rewrite this now let's see what It brings back all it's doing is it's Giving me different versions or Different words that I can actually put In here to make this article unique so I Literally now have to go through here And cut out words select phrases delete Things and basically go through the Article doing this to get this into some Kind of unique article for me now that's Not really AI because I could literally Do this with grammarly like I've just

Shown you or actually I've got another Program on here which allows me to Change things Called word tune I have these types of Programs anyway that I use but this is Not something that's going to be very User friendly to me because I have to Literally go through here and rewrite it All So basically that's all it's doing it's Like one of those classic articles Spinners that were really big when I was First getting online or it would just Give you alternative words now if you're Trying to spin this too much obviously It's going to start looking a bit Strange and not really making much sense But basically that's what their their Version of this spinner is doing so okay So if you wanted to spend the time going Through this and you want to generate The Articles and again I wish it had Gone through and I could have clicked on This it just did it automatically but I'm gonna have to copy and paste and Take things off next thing all you do is You finalize the article and it's going To give you a final version of it now What that you can do then is you can Then download that and use that yourself And that's really what this is doing now You can get free article rewriters in Many many places all over the web I've Got one here if I just do the same thing

On here let's just do a basic spin see What this does and this basically spins It for me you know so you can get free Ones online but I wouldn't use any of These free type rubbish at the end of The day I wouldn't use any articles Spinner if you've got an article like This honestly you might as well just Reword it yourself I don't see the point Of having one of these but if you wanted To go down that route that's fine funny Enough on an article rewriter that Spelled the word article wrong but there You are here's some done for you content Here and go have a look it's done for You content so this will obviously need Re-spinning because this is going to be Repeated all over the web let's talk About where this comes from just uh just Out of Interest Let me just have a look where this comes From You see 80 of these articles plagiarized 13 is from Tumblr seven percent of it is From wherever this is how do you start Your own monthly business so these are From Facebook So look at this Facebook posts on here It's from this Facebook post here so Basically inside the article spinner Itself they haven't actually spun the Articles that they're going to give to You has done for you now what's going to Happen is you're trying to use these

Anywhere Whoever bought this is going to do the Same thing and it's just going to be Pointless really because you're not Going to use it anywhere so Guys these article rewriters they're Just a lazy way for you to hopefully Become a copywriter the copywriters Online or even anybody who writes in Blogs and stuff the best way to actually Build a business with a Blog is to write Unique content do your research and then Just write it out if you've got a Problem with English use some kind of English translating software that'll Help you actually build those articles But don't use a rewriter or a spin epic Because you'll end up having issues with Anything ranking online you really will So basically what you're supposed to do With these articles you're going to go And find jobs now now you're going to go To places like upwork and you're going To try and find some of these jobs now They said on their text Page they were Making what 197 every time they made one Of these articles well on here you can See that it's nine dollars fixed price These are actually jobs for doing this So you won't be able to do this as a job Using this software you don't you Obviously you need to understand what You're writing about these guys Operating technical writing content

Writing this is more than just getting An odd article and spinning it and Sending it back so there is jobs out There for people who understand how to Become a proper copywriter but again Some of these are in a different Language just going back to this I can't see anywhere on here that this Gives me in a different language so Again this is a bit of a pointless Software isn't it so you've got a gigs Here you can go to these gigs Fiverr Freelancer people per hour or upward Let's just go to upwork and there is Lots and lots of people look there are Only twenty thousand they're only five Thousand dollars they're in fifty Thousand dollars The reason they're doing that is because These folks are professional copywriters Who've been doing this for a long time They haven't just come online and bought A random product of Jason Fulton and Decided to become a copywriter it takes Years and years of practice to actually Do this kind of thing let me look at Simon's profile you can see he's been Doing this for a long time so basically Guys this is a competition up against Now if you're a copywriter and you want To go down and you want to put a profile On these sites and you want to build up Your business maybe give something away For free it takes time to build up and

Maybe you can do this for people but for The vast majority of people who aren't Copywriters coming on here getting some Random text and shoving it into their AI Article writer and then trying to make It unique is not going to be good enough Quality for the folks that are buying Off people like this you'll end up with Really really bad reviews And people won't come back to you these Folks are obviously giving quality work These Freelancers are Freelancers Because they're good at what they do They're not just random people who've Come on here and decided to start doing This Based on something that Jason Fulton has Actually gone ahead and sold lastly you Have some training videos here then very Quickly they go into the various Upgrades the done-for-you upgrade the Case study and an average is just on This case study guys I went through this case study there's Literally nothing here there's a case Study to show you the content that They've built within this application Which I just showed you isn't unique and They're not show me anywhere that they Actually sold it or any proof that They've actually sold it it's just a Random thing just a bunch of Articles Put in here so it's not a case study a Case study is supposed to show you them

Actually generating the article putting It into the area getting the orders a Proper case study that shows you the Money it doesn't show you the money it Shows you a graphic on a sales page that Says this it isn't even a receipt of any Kind so I just think it's a little bit Nonsense so now it's a toy come in here Predestone inbox do your three articles For the day and then wait for the next Day to do the rest I just think it's all Nonsense guys there's much better Software out there if you're really Serious about generating this type of Content Jasper Ai and any number of Other AI tools out there these days will Help you do that this isn't going to be Something you need to buy so when I come Back here guys you know a look at the Sales page 32 000 per month in net Profit that's what they generate well I Would voucher they generate that by Going through and selling all of these Types of profits what you need to learn Is a little bit of a rule of thumb if Something is called play to profit post And earn Loops flicks you're not going To make a million quid off it it's just Not going to be commissions you're just Not going to make a mass amount of money Off it it's nonsense anything with a Name like that just go with what you got Tells you this is not going to be Something that makes you a lot of money

Other stuff that I look at on this sales Page graphic Graphics makes absolutely No difference if I come right down here They've just randomly put AI pictures of Folks on here and telling you that these Folks are all text to profit members It's absolutely nonsense these are AI Pictures I know that guys you can trust Where you just don't or you don't trust Me but basically I've seen these images Literally on hundreds of sales Pages I've been doing this review business for A long time now and I can tell you that Area images are completely random images Of websites for a start that guy's got a Handgun on his shoulder clearly it's Been cut off something else it's just Nonsense so we know this we know this is A shiny object we know this is not Really a vendor you should trust they Never give you any kind of good quality Products if you go through this funnel Again this front end for some reason It's already given you three articles Per days for 19 then you've got this Oto2 which is the unlimited version 297 you could get a Year's membership of A very very good AI tour like Jasper AI Or something like that for that kind of Money so especially when you start Adding up all these other nonsense otos That done for you version you're going To have a licensed version here you just Don't need any of this you could save

Yourself thousands of dollars by just Clicking off This product and never coming back to it Again so guys I hope you found that Valuable my name is Richard Derby this Is a school Nomads if you haven't been Over to the channel before don't forget To hit that subscriber notification Bell And I'll let you know whenever I produce New videos and guys if you're serious And you want to build a business online I would recommend a simple traffic Blueprint you'll see the link in the Description below it's the way that I Literally started myself online anybody Can do it you don't need any previous Experience and it's the best way to get Traffic that I know until next time guys Take care Foreign

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