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Hey guys Richard here so in this video I'm talking about website Mojo now this Is a product by artflare and was Actually released on Saturday the 11th Of February now this is apparently a Software that allows you to create Unlimited website sell them to others And has also got this added chat GPT Integration that allow you to create AI Content so we are going to jump inside I'll show you around and then we'll come Back to the sales page I'll show you a Couple of things on the sales page you Need to be aware of before you go ahead And purchase this type of software Online so guys if you haven't been up to My channel before my name is Richard Derby this is the score of Nomads if You're interested in these types of Honest reviews go ahead and hit the Subscribe notification Bell and I'll let You know whenever I produce new videos And guys if you're really serious and You're struggling and you're trying to Understand how to build a real affiliate Marketing business online go ahead and Check out the link in the description Below over to the school Nomads I got Some completely free training for you There that will get you started did Straight away so guys let's jump into This there's a couple of key things I Want to make sure I'm covering on here Is all about the quality of these

So-called websites this creates and what Is this AI powered chat GPT integration All about and what kind of content will It give you so when I jump inside I've Been in these products multiple times Before it's very very simple dashboard These stats don't actually mean anything At the moment but if you go into the Website Creator first here so basically All you do is you come in here and you Put new project and then you have a Bunch of quite crude very very simple Templates to pick from you can pick from One of these this is just a really cheap Website builder give it a name and then You can create the website and then you Can pretty much do everything you want To do with the website this is it you Can jump into this one here just edit This and it'll show you again very very Simple page builder usual stuff on here You can add various elements on here but There's nothing slick about this Um at all it's just very very simple I'm Very very crude and that seems to be all There is as far as building websites on Here if you go back to the actual Dashboard there is a done-fu mobile web Templates here which you can preview and It gives you this web template but then You have to download them where you Download them to I'll never know because You'd need to download them and then Upload them onto your own site or

Another site and then actually amend Them from there so that's pretty Pointless to me if you're a complete Beginner what are you going to do with This mobile web template now guys if you Really want to get a free website and You're struggling to kind of pay for Ongoing hosting which you really Shouldn't be if you're starting to build A real business online but if you are Come over to somewhere like get response So get response like other series like Aweber a lot of these services will now Give you the ability to build a very Simple website as well as being an Autoresponder now if you've got a real Business online you need to have an Autores Banner which is the way that you Deliver emails to people you need to Have one of those guys so if you come Over to somewhere like get response You've got a built-in autoresponder it's Free up to 500 subscribers after that it Does cost you a bit of subscription but Once you've got more 500 subscribers if You're not making money then you really Shouldn't be working online but Basically you can go ahead and pick any Of these templates there's hundreds and Hundreds of templates in here again this Is on the free front end and you can Only build one website on here before You start building a membership the idea Is you go and build these websites for

Free if you want to build a business Where you're actually building your own Websites you need to start investing Properly you're going to Fiverr and have A look at the Quality websites that have Been sold on places like that you need a Lot better than this website Mojo is Going to offer you this piece of content Here so that's kind of the website piece Not so good the AI writer intrigues me So I've come out the AI writer basically You can generate content so if I just Add content here I'm going to give it a Title I'm just going to call it test two And then I want to put a keyword in here So how to start Affiliate marketing I think would be a Good keyword and this is going to go off And get me content to put on my site so It's an AI apparently integrated with Chat GPT AI content for my site so it's Going to go off and look for that and Then I want to see the quality of the Content we'll come down to this content Now and I want to take a look at this I just view that content all it's given Me is this amount of content that's all It seems to have done now I'm going to Download this to make sure there's any More so I'm not saying anything that's Not accurate And basically guys it's just going to be These these four lines And let me go on to catchy chat GPT

Itself and I'll do the same thing so I'm Asking it to write an article on how to Start affiliate marketing So this is the amount of information Jack TPT has given me so I'm not really Sure whether this is actually Integrating with Jackie chat TPT if so It's not giving me much information back And I might as well just come over to Chat GPT and use the free version of it And get the same amount of information If not way more so it's completely Pointless to me when you've got tools Like this and lots of other AI tools out There now that are free on the front end That are just going to give you way more Information so I think this is Completely pointless that's not a proper AI writer and if I look at some of these Other ones and watch this Warrior plus Make money online Warrior plaster and See what what this length of information Is just given here So again it's going to give you Incredibly small paragraph of Information that's not enough content For anything if you put on a website It's not going to do anything so not Very good on that front either the usual Stuff on this team this is such low Quality is unreal there is training Tutorials here share to build a website How to create the various content which I've just shown you and then how to use

These done for you templates training is There and then you got the support here So overall guys I just think this is Really cool low quality completely Pointless and obviously why we would use This use somewhere like get response if You want to try and figure out how to Build websites use somewhere like real Jet chat GPT if you want to go ahead and Create content for AI if I just come Down here some things that kind of Intrigue me on this sales page you don't Need to be using any of these kind of Services to build websites there's lots Of free things out there that you can Start using just look at free website Builders yes some of them pay a bit of a Subscription on the front end but one Thing you do need to do and it is really Important if sign out online is own your Own domains and have your own Information Hosted in your own accounts not in their Account the reason that is it could they Suddenly shut down this software you've Got no control over it you might have Websites on it use your own hosting with A proper company not some of these but They always pick out the most expensive Ones right you don't need click funnels When you're starting out you don't need A lot of this stuff there's page Builders out there for instance I pay About 300 a year for my page builder

Which is with size themes you've got Optimize press which around about the Same figure and you've got free versions Like Elementor on the front end which You can use completely for free or get Response there's lots of options out There you do not need websites like this There are some otos on this guys the Front end basic is 17 you get everything I just showed you then you get this Website Mojo unlimited everything's Unlimited apparently there's some kind Of Watermark removed that's and that's About 39 then you get this website done For you it's forty seven dollars website Merger automation thirty nine dollars Six figure training which is not related But thirty nine dollars website module Bat links automation thirty nine dollars Backlinks are completely pointless Unless they're from proper websites and Their real backlinks completely Pointless these days in Google and You've got website Mojo reseller where You can actually sell this you have to Pay for the privilege of reselling this At 197 so guys I would avoid this like The player completely pointless software I would give it a two out of ten because It does work but apart from that go with The free Alternatives and I would avoid Vendors like these because they just Keep reselling really really low quality Products I hope those are valuable to

You my name is Richard Derby this is School Nomads if you're new to the Channel before don't forget to hit that Subscribe notification Bell and I'll let You know whenever I produce new videos And guys if you're really struggling and You really want to understand how to Build a real honest affiliate marketing Business online go ahead and check out The link in the description below go to The school Nomads and we'll get you Started straight away in 2010 guys Ticker

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