180-Day Challenge Part 5 – Scaling Up My Affiliate Business to $100/Day & Celebrating Our First Sale

Hey guys so welcome back to the 180 day Challenge now this is where I'm actually Building a real business online kind of In front of you right warts and all Mistakes kind of things I get wrong Things I get right I'm showing you a Little bit by little how I'm building up This business now Um the reason I'm doing this is because I know a lot of you are coming online And you're seeing a lot of kind of Things around software that's promising You that you can click three buttons and Earn a lot of money and you're going to Buy into this stuff and you're going to Spend a lot of money and you're going to Get nowhere right I'll tell you that Straight because I did it myself and Over time as I've done this long and Long I've seen hundreds and hundreds if Not thousands of people that have wasted A lot of money online trying to buy this Absolute rubbish right now what I'm Doing is I'm showing you a real way of Building a real business online so if You want to follow this playlist go back To the first video and watch the Playlist through and you'll start to see How I've gone from actually having no Idea what I'm going to do to creating a Niche and then figuring out how to build Website figuring out how to build a YouTube channel to generate traffic and Then I'm starting to grow that over time

Now this process is not quick The idea of this is that you're building A real business not some push button Thing now if you think about this in the Real world outside of the internet if I Was to want to open a shop straight away Uh somewhere I would have to do lots and Lots of months and months of preparation To get that shop actually generating a Profit most businesses aren't generating A profit until year two year three the Great thing about being on the Internet Is you can generate a profit very very Quickly especially kind of in the Affiliate marketing Niche where it takes Time to grow an audience which is what You need but once you do grow an Audience you can generate a lot of money Through that Audience by being a really Good person online right and having a Good reputation so that's what I'm doing Here I'm building an affiliate marketing Business and it's around the software Niche so what I'm trying to do is look At business orientated software so Software that actually works and I'm Gonna look at that and give people Reviews on that software and if they Want to buy they buy now in this week Excitingly enough I've actually got my First sale of a newly created website Which is not in our focus on the money Is not something I'm going to focus on Straight away which is going to be hard

For a lot of you to hear because you Want to get money straight away But you need to focus on building that Business and the foundation and the Content and then figuring out how you're Going to put that content on there on a Regular basis which is still the kind of Area I'm in now so that I can kind of Populate and get traffic over to my Offers very very quickly it takes time To do that now as you know I got my own Uh website here School of Nomads my Original website about 9 000 subscribers I'm actually posting Less on this than I've ever done I'm gonna have to start Posting more back on this website I got To get this generated because this this New venture has distracted me slightly So there'll be more on this website to Come but basically this is actually a YouTube channel that promotes all sorts Of different things but it actually Promotes the original training that I Use to create this business online which Is taking action online now this action Plan I've gone through this lots of tons Of videos this action plan actually Teaches you step by step how to go from Absolutely no idea what you're doing to Building a real business online and it's Actually only one dollar at the moment And you can get full access to this just For one dollar right So if you want to go ahead and do that

There will be a link in the description Below go and click through that and just Grab this for one dollar and start Working through it don't grab it if you Want something quick if you want Something quick and you're not willing To put in the hours do not buy this it's Pointless if you are willing to put in The hours and you want to learn a real Method and the real way you build a Business online which is building a Website building a traffic Source Building content actually serving the People are going to purchase off you Then go ahead and grab this okay if you Want something quick please don't now What I've been doing over the time and Again go back and look at the playlist If you if you want to catch up is I Created this website called Biz software Reviews and this software reviews has Now got a few blog posts on it now the Idea is that I'm going to start doing Blog posts and I'll also do a YouTube Channel right now blog post is something I haven't done before so it's taking a While to kind of get up to speed on how To write these what ranks what doesn't Rank and also fight the kind of internal Emotions around writing something that's Not going to rank immediately on Google In YouTube it's a damn site easy to rank Trust me you put a video on there and Most of the time if there's not that

Much competition you'll see it on first Page on the first page of Google in this World it takes a bit longer to establish Yourself and for Google to get used to What your blog's about and then to start Ranking so I've got a couple of reviews On here already this missing letter this Click up review and I've got this tidy Card now excitingly enough this tidy Cal Review which is only a blog post at the Moment has actually had a sale if I go Onto my affiliate website here you can See here 22 pound which is it was about 45 pounds in all Um is my commission for this sale and It's coming off this software this site Here Biz software reviews so this is Kind of my first sale on my business Right nothing's something I'm going to Focus on at the moment it's not going to Change my life but the idea is that it's Showing me that it works it showed me That I can give blog posts that will Rank on Google and if people are Interested in that product or service You guys are going to get ourselves now Over time six months time nine months Time when I've got 50 60 70 blog posts On there all attached to products that People might want to find I'm going to Get lots of sales right so this just Proves it works the other thing I've Done is I've started in another YouTube Channel this is Biz software reviews the

Idea is this is going to have videos now What I'm going to do at some point is Going to connect the two together so I'll have videos on the actual blog post As well as have these as my traffic Source to the blog post so they're going To kind of work together so I've been Developing this I've got a couple of Reviews on it at the moment I did this One the other day for QA pop Only three views at the moment again Don't care it's all about me kind of Figuring out how to do the videos on This channel as well because on this one Uh to show you the how easy it is I Don't want to show my face at all I Basically just want to put the videos on There and see what they do uh QA pop Actually is really cool Um I think I might do an actual blog Post on that as well and I might review That on my main Channel because it's Something that you've got to call out And find the best questions to answer Really really cool so anyway the idea is That I'm going to start building up both Of these sites so over time more and More content will be coming on this site So that's really what it's about for me At the moment it's about building up the Actual foundations of my business with Content figuring out my own routine for Posting on here and then we can see how It builds over time so that's where I am

At the moment got my first cell that's Really exciting but the end of the day It's all about me establishing that Foundation if you're interested in doing This yourself you can always leave a Comment um below just ask me ask me what I'm doing and how you actually can start Doing this yourself only if you're Serious please and basically subscribe To this playlist because over time I'm Going to be learning loads of things I'm Just a normal guy so you can kind of Follow along and see some of the issues That I have and some of the successes I Have because I want to prove to you that Whoever you are whatever your Niche is You can build a real business online and Over time that can grow into something Really cool all right If you want to go ahead and grab the Action plan you'll see the link in the Description below just go and grab that Until next time guys take care

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