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Hey guys Richard here so in this review I talked about CB site Pro now this is By Rick NG and it’s usually released on The 25th of August at 11 A.M Eastern now This is basically an application that Allows you to build a ClickBank review Sites now we’re going to jump inside I Will show you around and show you Exactly what it’s going to give you and Also come back to the sales page and Point out a few things on this sales Page that I really think you need to be Aware of before you decide to buy any Products off these types of vendors hey Guys just let me interrupt for one Second I’ve got a great recommendation For you I’m going to show you how you Can build a real business online Literally for the price of a pizza this Is the exact method that I use to get Started online and I use this method Every single day what I want you to do Is jump down into the description you’ll See a link just like this go and click On this link over to this page now this Page is going to start introducing you To a product called the simple traffic Blueprint which is going to teach you Step by step how to start a business and Get traffic over to your affiliate Offers in any Niche it really really is A very very simple method you can get Started with it straight away fill in Your details here just your name and

Your email address here give me a Consent and then go ahead and click the Get started box and you’ll be brought Over to this page here as I said this is Literally the price of a pizza is going To teach you how you can start using a Real method to get traffic the same Method I use every day and I’m telling You what guys you never have to show Your face you never have to be on camera All you need to do is follow the Tutorials here step by step and you can Start building a business as soon as Today 50 free done for your niches you Can get stuck into straight away lots of Options and again it’s the way that I Started out online so I highly recommend This method thanks for taking the time To watch this very very quick Recommendation let’s get back to the Review so guys let’s jump straight in Now basically this is saying it’s going To give you the ability to create sites In less than 60 seconds if we jump over Over to the actual admin area you have a Dashboard here on this dashboard it will Tell you how many states your bill how Many blogs or blog posts you have and The number of subscribers you have and Basically all of these are just various Settings for your particular site and We’re just going to jump straight over To the site so I’m going to show you the Type of site you’ll get building with

This application now this is a very very Simple site Builder basically you don’t Need anything like this I’ve said this In reviews before because you can go and Use things like get response go and join Their completely free plan out of 500 Subscribers and you can build a website With someone like get response and have An autoresponder and have absolutely Everything you need so you don’t really Need anything like this the idea is You’re going to have inbuilt affiliate Products now you do get this newsletter Pop up here you can have here this is an Upgrade I will talk to you about the Otos but basically this is the type of Site you’re going to get and straight Away you can see this image here is a Bit squished everything is just jammed In here images are a little bit squished A little bit all over the place not Quite sure what the actual theme of this Website is and it’s all just full of Clip band products ideas you would have Your affiliate Link in these if anyone Clicks any of these reads the actual Article then you will end up making a Commission if they click through on this And again you know guys you can see this Is all over the place every time I Scroll this is changing everything is Changing on here and you’re just going To lose people straight away because It’s just not a very good quality

Website you have a few different things You can do on here you can have reviews Or all of these ClickBank reviews are Coming from you can have some Fiverr Gigs you can add Fiverr gigs to this and Get an affiliate commission Udemy blogs or ClickBank products now The blogs are articles you can ask it to Go and get articles based on certain Topics I looked at it was one of them They’re not given the actual people who Actually wrote These blog posts any kind Of credit on here so basically you’re Plagiarizing the content for this site And if I just go and have a look at it’s In the plagiarism Checker you can see That that Pokemon article so all of These are the actual original sources of This particular article and just to give You a note about what I mean by play Grades and if I go over to Yahoo the Very first thing you’ll see the person Who wrote this is given credit for it Straight away and a date and time so You’ll see that even though they’re Taking feeds off this site you need to Do that at the bare minimum nothing Really wrong with this guys because Things like Yahoo do the same kind of Thing as long as they’re giving the Credit at the end of the day you’re not Going to rank anywhere organically with This site so what you’ll do is you’ll Spend time putting products in this site

Building it up and nobody’s going to Come over to it unless you share it onto A social media Network to one of your Followers now if you haven’t gotten feel That follow us on social media if you’ve Only got your family no one’s ever going To see this link that’s the problem with This because you’re not actually giving Any value here you’re copying other People’s articles they’re not going to Be original Google’s not going to rank Them and then you just got a bunch of Random reviews on here that you’ve got For these products and they’re all in Different topics as well again Some of the fundaments of marketing has Completely lost on these guys when They’re selling these products or they Just don’t care basically when you’re Marketing when you’ve been in affiliate Marketer you need to concentrate on one Niche and give value in that Niche so if Your Niche is these diet bills or Whatever you need to be creating Articles for that particular Niche and Then recommending the products on the Back of those valuable articles that you Recommend throwing together a few links Here and there and taking other people’s Reviews which again these aren’t Original reviews then it’s just not Going to rank anywhere the OnePlus I can See about this is that potentially you Could scrap the whole thing and use this

To build your own little website on here But as I said if we just go over to Someone like get response which is a Much better company than these and it’s Got an autoresponder and everything Included then you’re going to be able to Build a website like this anyway you Don’t need to have these types of shiny Objects that they put together so Basically you have all of these Different parts of this website you have This client finder apparently it’s going To go off and find clients basic it’s Gone off and skimmed these from the Internet when I put affiliate marketing They’ve got a lot of random emails You’ve got no right to actually email Anybody with these in fact in the United Kingdom for instance I’m getting trouble For emailing folks like this there is Laws in place that stop me doing that But you have some people here that they Seem to think you can randomly email and By the way guys when you ever do any Kind of searches like this you’ll see a Lot of the emails are things like this Info at local affiliateguide.com because They’re looking at contact pages and Taking the email addresses off those Contact Pages which a lot of time aren’t Even going to be looked at so basically That’s not really useful for finding Real leads you need to provide value This is just all over the place

Sometimes in their thinking so you have A way that you can have a subscriber List on here if anybody does subscribe There’s no way you can email off this as Well as I can see so you’ll have a Subscriber list you have to put over to An autoresponder anyway and that’s it That’s about it guys that’s what this Product is doing it’s giving you a very Very quality site you can stuff it full Of products and hope for the best that Somebody ever comes across and actually Views it one of the things I do need to Point out though is when you actually Look at the sales page you scroll down The sales page and use your stuff one Two three steps all that easy to make Money but when I actually jumped down to The financial proof this says take a Look at the kind of numbers we have been Pulling in the last few months If they’re trying to say the kind of Numbers is not actually represented Representing these numbers that’s not a Very genuine way to actually advertise Is it because these numbers you as a Newbie or any other person reading your Sales page will assume they’re using This product to make these numbers these Numbers are actually copied and pastries From completely different websites There’s a site called egg on xcart.com This is a at your blog post on affiliate Marketing and you can see here

466-43 254.40 you can see that those actual Financial proofs there’s two five five Four oh four six six point four three Are coming from those current pasted Images so this vendor is actually Completely lying about its Financial Results from this product there’s no Other way to put it Guys these are Completely made up Financial results Even based on that I don’t care if it Was the best blog I’d seen this year I Still wouldn’t buy this because I’m not Buying off people that are quite frankly Are just going to be so dishonest as to Lie to you about their financial results On the sales page really really poor I Can’t trust anything these vendors do I Definitely wouldn’t give them my money This is the otos guys I will take you Through these very quickly but I’ll Leave the information in the description Below ClickBank site regular this is 17 ClickBank site Pro unlimited it’s 47 They’ve got this Advanced version where You get that pop-up for 67 not needed Guys just gonna go do this all for free In a different website builder ClickBank Site Profit Stream 37 ClickBank Pro done For you is 97 and then ClickBank Pro Agency you can sell this to others for 197 so guys I’m not recommending any of This I give it a zero out of ten because I’ve been dishonest about their

Financial results and to be honest if They’re doing that then I wouldn’t trust Them hope those are valuable to you my Name is Richard Derby this is a school Of Nomads if you haven’t been over to The channel before don’t forget to hit That subscribe notification Bell and I’ll let you know whenever I produce new Videos and as I said earlier if you want To learn how to build a business online For the price of a pizza guys go ahead And click the link in the description Below and you can get started today Until next time guys take care Foreign

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