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Hey guys Richard here so in this video I'm talking about click paydays by Jason Fulton and Sean on gundelli now this is Released on the 12th of January and this Is their new product which is a Basically a three Click app which Auto Extracts unlimited red hot buyer leads Creating a secret money printing machine That pulls in 500 to 1 000 a day on Complete autopilot so guys the usual Stuff on these types of sales Pages These claims are ludicrous we all know This we've seen these sales Pages lots Of times but the idea is basically They're giving you a an ability to Create emails and then get email Addresses by extracting apparently when You send a link via Google via a LinkedIn setting that they have that People have to log into Google or log Into LinkedIn or log into Facebook Before they can actually see the amazing Product that you're gonna be promoting With that link that's the idea of this Product but we'll go inside I'll show You exactly what this does I have been Playing around with this this is my own Copy as usual I do buy these and I'll Talk to you a lot about this method and Let you know whether I think this is Going to be worth your time and effort So guys if you haven't been up to my Channel before my name is Richard Derby This is School of Nomads if you're

Interested in these types of honest Reviews go ahead and hit that subscribe Notification Bell and let you know Whenever I produce new videos and guys If you're lost if you're frustrated if You're buying products like this on a Regular basis and you want to learn how To build a real affiliate marketing Business which will earn you a hundred Dollars a day go ahead and hit the link In the description below over the score Nomads I got some free training there For you guys that'll help you get Started and hopefully help you save a Lot of money by avoiding buying these Types of products so I'm going to jump Straight in I'm not going to read Anything off this sales page we all know What I need to think about these sales Pages they're full of false testimonials False income proofs the reason I say That guys don't just shoot down very Quickly to one of these just as an Example we'll look at the dates of these So-called ClickBank earnings this is From the 27th of December 2022 and this App wasn't even registered till January 23. so it doesn't match and know that Straight away so I'm not interested in The sales page whatsoever once you come Inside you have a couple of areas here So you've got a dashboard which is this Main dashboard here none of these Actually make any sense these numbers

What's this number actually showing me None of that makes any sense Um go down to the campaigns you can Create a campaign manage campaign you've Got some done for you campaigns I'll go Through that you've got this email suite And you can manage you can manage your Leads you've got an email writer there Which is probably the only okay thing on Here you can view your emails you've got Senders on here and you've got SMTP Settings on here because this isn't a Real email system what it's doing is you Need to connect it with your Gmail to Actually send emails out and it's going To be thrown into all sorts of Spam Folders once you do that just use Something like get response or one of Those big companies that they're all Giving you free accounts of setting Multiple other reviews up to 500 Subscribers they give you an email Suite With a page builder everything that you Would need to start an online business For free up to 500 subscribers so once You've got 500 subscribers if you know What you're doing and you would know What you're doing if you take the Training in the description below you Can start a real business and pay for Real tools not this type of rubbish so You have an ads Builder here which is The simplest Graphics designer here you Just click on this you've got a a width

Here and then you can create something Using this pretty terrible graphic Designer just use canva you've got some Best sellers here which is links over to Warrior plus and jvzoo I find it Interesting that they were using fake Screenshots from ClickBank and the other Ones I've shown on here to Warrior plus And jvzoo your tutorials here which is Just some demos not showing you how to Make money with this just how to Actually create some emails to send to Fictional characters and then you have a Support and some affiliate products on Here that you can go ahead and get Approval which quite honestly not one of Them I would promote to anybody who had Any kind of respect for online full stop So I'll just go back to the campaigns I've already created some campaigns so Basically what you can do here is you Just go up and create new the idea is You put a campaign name in here You put a redirect URL in here so let's Just go and find one I'll just grab this PVC sport one here and this would be Your affiliate link right of whatever Product you want to promote then you Need to figure out where you want to get Your masses of free leads from which is Of course nonsense nobody's gonna be Have masses of free leads in these Social media platforms unless you've Already got people follow you in those

Platforms but let's say Instagram and Then I'm going to put a list in there And I've already added a list in here For them to go on to now press submit And that's going to create at that Actual campaign for me so there are some Share buttons over here again if you Shared the Facebook you shared to Twitter you shared to LinkedIn any of Those kind of areas unless you've got People on those platforms that are Interested then you're not going to get Any kind of leads there I have already Created these two by the way guys and You can see here that It's already says I've got eight leads On this and eight leads on this and I Haven't even shared that with anybody And opted in so those numbers don't make Any sense Um but if I click on this here all it's Going to do is it's going to go over and There you go look the that's One of the issues I've had so far that Clearly didn't work if I click on this One I made earlier For Facebook it's saying the Facebook Login is currently unavailable for this Application so the application hasn't Been approved by Facebook if you click On rapid paydays this was the only one That actually worked so if I click on This one it goes and actually goes over To the page

But that's because I had that set with Uh Instagram by the looks of it so That's into work in that occasion and on This one if I clicked on that which is Going straight to Google it says it's a Deceptive site So this is going to have all sorts of Issues when you're trying to build these Links and collect your literally Hundreds of leads that you would be Required to make 500 what does it say 500 to a thousand dollars per day on Complete autopilot do you have any idea How much product you would need to sell To be able to achieve that especially Using low price products like there are On Warrior plus and jvzoo that is Literally hundreds of products a day to Make anything like that type of number Is complete and utter nonsense So guys that's what all this is and Basically if you go to the email Suite You can go and use this email right Tab And create an email writer series and I That will then create a little Autoresponder series view to send out From this software via your own SMTP Service so Google or whatever So you would actually use this to build Up your emails and it's going to AI Generate apparently some emails for you Now this isn't too bad the reason I say That if you want to pay eight dollars And come over here just to see the type

Of categories they're using to build up An email that you might be able to use Yourself then might be worth the eight Bucks just to come over here and have a Look at this piece but what I send them From this system no of course you Wouldn't it's useless it's going to end Up in people's spam boxes it's not gdpr Compliant when you go and use those Opt-ins like I showed you on the Google Opt-ins I'm not convinced that that's Gdpr compliant because it's not giving You the real option of opt-in it's kind Of forcing you to opt in VIA that method To get to the next page which I'm kind Of uncomfortable with but there you are That's me so this is an email writer They have here and then you have a way That you can look at your leads I've Opted into these forms twice so far Successfully you saw the one I managed To do and and my leads aren't turning up Anyway if I just export that I wonder if This turned up on this CSV Now it just says here Just says email so it's not even Collecting the leads for me so this is Completely an utterly pointless guys It's all over the place as far as tax is Concerned if you're really serious and You want to build a business online and You really want to figure out how you Actually make money online with Affiliate marketing this is not the way

To go I've said this hundreds of times Before this software is a complete Distraction it doesn't show you the Fundamentals of building up an audience Building up a list from that audience Creating value giving them something Before you ever try and sell to them and On the back end of that you can start Promoting goods and services which you Think are of value to them this is Teaching you how to get already Poll products and then use a software Like this to somehow spam these folks With links to those poor products to try And get them to buy them you will never Have a repeat customer if they go Through one of these links buy that Product and realize how much useless Time and money they spent trying to make That work you'll never will you need to Come away from trying to promote any of This stuff like this there are some good Products on Marketplace but Unfortunately not many And you want to start figuring out how To build a real business online so guys That's my opinion of Click paydays my Name is Richard Darby this is school Nomads if you haven't been up to the Channel before and you want to have Ownership views like this as well as Follow me on my own Journey as I build My own affiliate marketing business Online I share with you all the tips and

Tricks that I've learned along the way If you're interested in that hit that Subscribe notification Bell and guys I Urge you if you keep trying to buy shiny Objects like this you need to break the Cycle go ahead and hit the link in the Description below over to school Nomads I want to show you some training there That'll really help you get on the right Path I hope there's a value bit you guys Until next time take care

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