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Hey guys Victor Taylor through this Review and talk to you about effortless CPA now this is a product by RAM rawat And it's YouTube released on Wednesday The 23rd of November at 10 A.M Eastern Now apparently this is a CPA suite and Secret method that's going to make you Around about 500 a day and build a huge Buyers list without selling or begging Anybody so we're going to jump into the Software as usual I'll show you around And show you exactly what this is going To give you and then we'll talk a lot About this method and I'm going to give You a couple of things that you need to Be aware of if you want to get into CPA Marketing hey guys I just before we Carry on with the review I want to give You a quick recommendation so first of All go ahead and hit this link in the Description below now once you hit that Link you'll come over to this page which Introduces you to a case study that Talks about Scott Sprouse and how he Went from naught to three thousand Dollars per month using a very very Simple method no experience needed no Expensive tools anybody can do this Method to start making money online go Ahead and throw your details into here And just take a few minutes to go Through this page and really learn the Value of how easy this method is to Implement and how quickly you could be

Making money online using this exact Method now guys I can highly recommend This I use this every single day go and Check out the link in the description Below and if you've got any questions Just send me a message you'll see my Details in the description below and I'll be happy to help you out so guys Let's jump straight here now what you'll See here there's one key thing here no Budget needed I needed to and remember That line because once we jump inside The traffic on here is paid traffic so You do need a budget and a part of this Product is actually how you can go ahead And search other people's ads and copy Those ads and then get paid traffic over Here the actual training area shows Videos where he's going and using Google To generate paid traffic which is Expensive right and if you don't know What you're doing and you're a complete Beginner especially when you're using Google ads it can be extremely expensive Even if you get a hundred dollars to Start so that's just one thing the Traffic Source on here is paid obviously You can do it for free but that would Then involve you building a blog or some Kind of YouTube channel that actually Brings free traffic over to your office Now first of all let's go back one step CPA is cost per action so it's slightly Different to affiliate marketing where

You get paid a commission for every sale That you make based on somebody's Product right so you can get 50 Commission on the front so you can get a 50 Commission on the front end of that Product and that's called affiliate Marketing CPA is a similar thing but you Really get paid for an action so when You sign up for some of the CPA type Deals you could be paid for getting them Onto a phone call with the actual Vendors you could be paid just for them To sign a form it's different types of Things not just a direct sale of the Product you can get paid for now some People are extremely extremely good at This stuff and CPA marketing is kind of A numbers game because what you want to Do is get as many people on board as you Possibly can to that particular offer Now there's lots of things that you need To understand with CPA offers I have Several accounts with people like Max Bounty and this one here Max web where Basically you're going to get paid if You achieve the action that they want so There's lots of different types of Products on here loads and loads of Variety but there's also kind of a lot Of drawbacks to CPA marketing for the Beginner when you first sign up for These sites which they do In fairness RAM does cover in his videos you do need To have things like a website and have

Some kind of History they do check and They usually assign you an affiliate Manager in these sites so you have to Jump through a couple of Hoops to sign Up for them also once you go inside some Of these offers there is very specific Ways that they do and allow you to Promote so sometimes they'll let you use Things like organic marketing or pay Aid Marketing there's certain words that They'll restrict you on so there's all Sorts of rules about how you can promote This it's not just like going to Warrior Plus or ClickBank grabbing an affiliate Link and carrying on and just promoting That affiliate link there's kind of a Lot of Hoops you have to jump through For CPA marketing so you can see this is My account here so basically as long as You're willing to do that just be aware CPA marketing is not as easy as just Starting off with affiliate marketing so First you're going to do is create a Campaign so we look at these campaigns Already you can look at the various Types of campaigns you're going to Create and what you're doing here is You're looking for different types of Products and then building Pages like This that you can actually Drive traffic To and they can opt in to that traffic You'll have an affiliate Link in these Pages and then you'll get paid the CPA Whatever the CPA percent is you're going

To get paid for that it is similar to an Affiliate marketing is you do get a link From the vendor from those sites to put On these pages so that's where you have Your campaigns there is some office Searches here now this is kind of Confusing to me because I actually searched for some offers on Here and I don't know how it helped me But then it's given me the same kind of Networks and it gives me this category Of the United States But then nothing else is really coming Up after that it's not giving me any Kind of offers underneath here at the Moment so unless it's just taking Forever to do it I haven't actually made This give me an offer yet so that's not Great but again I don't really know why You would need this if you're a member Of one of these sites like Maxwell for Instance because I need to do is come on Along here to put diabetes on here for Instance and all the diabetes products Are going to start showing up just like This all of these ones and put this Trial offer here General here there's Lots of these general ones here so You've got these on these sites you Don't really need an additional website To get this for you as you can see Nothing's really happening let me just Search under this to see if it's going To give me anything different

And nothing's really happened on here so Far if I go into the offer Library this Is just a whole list it does this every Single time I do that as well it makes It a very clunky website to use there's A whole bunch of different offers on Here that you can apparently promote They're coming from weird and wonderful Locations so you'd have to go ahead and Join each one of these See this page he's unresponsive this has Been very clunky to me so far This is a bunch of offers that they've Got that you can go and use But again you need to concentrate on one CPA site to start with then you'll have All the offers on the CPA site so not Really a need for this if I look at the Creative funnels again he did that again You've got these Pages I've seen these Page Builds on lots and lots of Different cheap type softwares before Very limited you can go into my funnels Here and it'll show you a bunch of Funnels that have been created by others If I just view this what you'd get is a There's a kind of front page and a main Squeeze page let's view this one here so This is any good maybe these are just The yeah they're just blanks pages that You can add your details to All very very simple and a little bit Cheap and tacky or you can get um Which I recommend is you you can get

Sites like get response now get response Is a autoresponder plus it's got a page Builder built in so first 500 Subscribers you can get for free anyway You can get free access to this site and You've got all of these different types Of templates you can use so so far all I Would need to do is basically go on to These templates pick one of these out go Back to my Max website and then look at The links here and then just build Something around these products on get Response and everything's free so far so It's pointless to me actually having This software because I don't know what The actual search piece does for you Next up we've got ad searches so you can Come in here and basically let's go back To dog and have a look at ads so this is Basically the ads guys you can come in Here and look at these various types of Ads and see what they're doing you can See that some of these are quite Detailed but uh this is what they're Doing and they're not really as this is Actually a website so it's kind of Misleading it's not really an ad they've Just showed you there they just showed You the website didn't they and there's One here See if this is going to the same place Again actually a website on there but It's just showing you giving you a few Ideas no real problem with that what

I've got a problem with really is They're making it all out to be very Very easy CPA marketing is difficult It's difficult to kind of get access to The sites in the first place so you do Have to jump through a few hoops and This thing around the traffic if I look At the training area The whole traffic is all to do with paid Traffic Google ads and that can be Extremely extremely expensive now if you Can do this with free traffic brilliant But with paid traffic you're going to be Paying a lot of money to try and drive The traffic over to these ads and Remember a lot of these things are going To have a hell of a lot of competition As well so the keywords and all of that That you need to really learn if you're Using Google ads you need to be very Very good at those keywords to drive Those traffic in the first place so one Last thing it was worth mentioning when You go to a lot of these CPA sites you Need to have a website because that's What they want to see when you're Joining to make sure that you're a Legitimate affiliate for them so if You've got a website you might as well Come over to get response build yourself A website make it a nice website before You go over to any of these guys because They'll click on your links and they'll Try and figure out what your website's

All about so just a few things there Just to make you aware if you want to go Into CPA marketing it can work are these Guys making that much a day no they're Not they're not proving that anywhere I Don't believe they are but it can work I Just don't believe we need software like This to do it join a legitimate site get Yourself a free website or just pay for A website yourself and you can go ahead And do this without having software like This my mind I don't really see what Benefit is giving you I hope there's a Value but you guys my name is Richard Darby this is Google Nomads you'll be Noticed the channel before don't forget To hit that subscribe notification Bell And I'll let you know whenever I've been Using your videos and as I said before Guys if you want to see how Scott went From nowhere to three thousand dollars Every single month go ahead and check Out the link in the description below The case studies all there go and check That out and you can get started Straight away until next time guys take Care Foreign

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