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Hey guys Richard here so in this video I Want to talk to you about evoke now this Is a new product by vcar ranaa and is Due to released on the 11th of April now This basically is all about Facebook Business Pages there's a lot of claims On this sales page but we will jump in I'll show you exactly what you're going To get here and then we can talk a Little bit about this strategy overall And whether you're going to make what They claim is $500 plus paydays so guys If you haven't been to the channel Before my name is Richard Derby this is The school of NAD If you're interested in these types of Honest reviews don't forget to hit that Subscribe and notification Bell and I'll Let you know whenever I produce new Videos and guys if you're looking to Make money online and build a real Business and there's some free training For you you can go and grab it over at The school of Nomads so go and grab that But in the meantime let's take a look at This product so evoke is again a Facebook business page and it's telling You you're going to get 2,356 clicks A Day Makes $500 paydays all very hype Obviously AI is all over this as usual Some strange things on the sales page Just to go through it no accounts Bann Is a bit random basically they know that Once you attach things to things like

Facebook you start getting account bands No upfront cost well there is an upfront Cost you have to buy this plus lots of Different upgrades if you were to buy The whole funnel and no setup or instant Payments well clearly there is setup and There's not instant payments unless you Have a whole business behind this Particular strategy so if we jump inside You're going to have some VIP training Here now this is laughable this is Basically a 5 minute training video Which is pretty much a promotion video That tells you nothing not nothing about How you can actually make money with This just takes you through these Various Pages very very quickly and then Interestingly shows you some of the Facebook pages this is attached to and I Had to look at these Facebook pages They're connecting to CU one of the apps On here allows you to connect to Facebook pages so I had a quick look at These and I thought well that'd be Interesting to see if they're using this On these pages and how they're actually Getting traffic because they talk about These 2,000 clicks to get 2,000 clicks Mine you need a lot of traffic and Basically I looked at these Facebook Pages and this one here I popping Salon And Spa hasn't really been used for over a Year so this hasn't got any kind of

Clever posting on it it's basically just A bunch of these adverts so that was a Strange one then I looked at this Pregnancy Made Easy hasn't been used Since the 8th of February uh 2018 the 12 Of March this is an old Facebook page I'm now getting the feeling they're Probably getting these from somewhere And buying these then I go to this Facebook page cake decorated Made Easy June 2014 again bit strange clearly they're Not using this tool on here and I Remember these are all connected here Decorated made easy it's the same name And everything and then I looked at the Main one they talk about which is Strategic parenton which isn't theirs This guy has clearly got 90,000 Followers and he's not using this tool Either he's using all of his his own Posting tools so that didn't really make Any kind of sense to me having this on Here it's just random Pages they put in Here they're not using this tool to Generate those clicks so I wonder what They are generating the clicks with so What you can do here is basically There's a number of AI tools here but if You've been to any of these kind of Sites recently doesn't matter who does Them they've got the same AI tools that You can get in chat GPT or all of the Other AI tools that are there now

Basically is an AI ads tool all you do Is put a topic here say dog and he's Going to come up with some headlines for An ads based on dogs and that's it and Basically you can go into any of these AI tools now jp2 and do exactly the same Thing give me a Facebook ad headline and It's going to give you the same thing so That's not really needed AI post is Exactly the same it's going to give you Something around dogs so let's say dog Training in this way and you can see Here there's just a few posts generated And again you can do the same in chat GPT it's the same thing same with the Design templates and the AI designs all The same kind of thing you want it to Have some kind of prompt so I'm going to Give it a prompt see what it comes up With that's obviously not going off Because basically what it's doing is Going off to Del e and trying to get Some kind of design it's not working This design template here they say they They templates they're not all they are Is pretty random templates you can go Ahead and use and basically you can come And use this template here and start Changing it in the editor this isn't Actually AI this is just a basic editor And and then we have some AI videos here Let's have a look at create a video We'll come back to that hopefully That'll process pretty quickly when

Going to come down and have a look at Your pages you can go and connect to Your pages onto here and then you have a Poster section where you can go and post And schedule your posts and then you Have a comments manager here which is Pretty pointless if you not got Thousands and thousands of people the Point of social media guys is that so Social media is supposed to be social Not somewhere you're going to have Automated comments all over the place That doesn't work then you have this Live chat function here which quite Frankly is completely pointless so as Far as the v's concerned there's nothing You can't do here on Chpp and if you go over to canva you can Just look for Facebook templates on Canva and get everything you ever need On canra as well including lots of Videos that you can utilize if you want To post directly from here to Facebook For instance if I just go to one I've Done previously I can share this over to A Facebook page Facebook group Facebook Store the only thing I can't do is Schedule it but quite frankly if you Haven't really got a big business you Don't need to schedule things anyway you Just post them manually I'm just taking A look at this video here this one is Still processing and this one is in Draft so I'm not going to be able to

Show you the videos but again they're Not going to be any good I just know That they're either they're going to be Low quality if you want to produce a Video go on to the multiple other tools That you can get on line for producing High quality videos so this is a little Bit of a waste of time and when you Couple it with the silly claims on the Sales page about getting $500 payday Without explaining how if you're a new You' got no idea how that even works 2,356 clicks a day I look back at some Of them Facebook pages that are not Having any clicks and social media is Like anything else it takes a long time Takes a lot of consistency and a lot of High quality engagement to actually get The clicks on something and you can't Put affiliate links and things like that In business Pages anyway because Facebook will remove them what you need To do is build up a process where you're Building a website where you redirect People over to your website and from There you can start getting people over To your various offers lots of things to Do when you're starting to build a real Business online guys just throwing Things on a social media site is not Going to work for you now if you really Want to understand how to build a Business and you really want to Understand how to finally make money

Online there is a link in the Description below to the school NAD You'll see there's some foundation Training there go and take that training And then let's get your business started Until next time guys don't forget to hit That subscribe have a great day [Music] Cheers

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