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Hey guys Richard here so in this review I want to talk to you about Fitness Mojo Now this is by the black belt team and Art Flair and is due to be released on The 7th of January now this is Apparently one click software that Creates self-updating affiliate Health Websites in just 45 seconds and you'll Be able to automatically link to 10 000 Plus top offers so we are going to jump Inside I'll show you exactly what this Is going to do and the type of website This is going to produce for you and Then we'll go back to the sales page I Want to talk to you a little bit more About some of the things on the sales Page and if you stick around I'm going To show you a completely free way that You can actually do the same thing as This product is offering completely for Free so guys just before we start my Name is Richard Derby this is the school Of Nomads if you're interested in these Types of honest reviews go ahead and hit The subscribe and notification Bell and I'll let you know whenever I produce new Videos and guys if you're interested in Building a real affiliate marketing Business that can potentially earn you a Hundred dollars a day go ahead and check Out the link in the description below Over to school Nomads I've got a Completely free course there for you That will get you started straight away

So guys let's jump straight in here now I want to show you the website this Produces first so this is apparently the Website this is going to produce for you Basically it's a couple of images on Here and there's Links at the top here To the home and about page some courses Page a plan a gallery uh blog and some Contacts now the idea is that you could Use as an affiliate site apparently it's Going to update itself with affiliate Products and you can sell affiliate Products with this and obviously you can Make money so I just click around the About page this is just a very very Simple site but it looks it looks okay It looks quite nice Um no real issues with that come over to The courses section here you've got an Area you can put courses on here and You've got a gallery section here you Can put some images on here and then You've got some plans here if you're Some kind of Fitness guy you could also Use this site to advertise your own Services on here as well so nothing Really wrong with the look and feel of The site the problem is when I get Inside it is just a very very basic site Builder now if you come over to here you Have this dashboard here these are all Just static numbers I've actually gone In here and it inspects on these things And you can tell when you look through

The code that these are just static Numbers the reason I know that is Because if I change for instance some of These numbers here these two three five Six this number down here this 3.48 Doesn't move so it's not actually Connected to anything so these don't Mean anything these are nonsense right Now the other thing is if you were Tracking sales you can't track sales From this website for things like Warrior Plus or other affiliate programs Within this website you'd have to have Some tracking software to do that so I Don't believe that these are showing you Anything If we go down to the actual home here Um this is where you would put together Your website now once you've gone in and Put your banner header your banner Subheading your banner image which is This one and your video banner image Press submit it'll build a website for You which again is this one here then I Go down to the about page and it's just A very very simple editor for sticking Some information with an about You in there with an image Go onto the gallery page just an Interface where you can stick some Images for a gallery go down to the plan Page you can just add things in here for Your plan and add a new plan here and Again it's just a text editor nothing

Else really nowhere to attach any kind Of payment processing or anything here Just very very basic text editor go down To courses same thing on the courses if I add a new course I just add my name here and subheading Here and put a description in there it's Not really a course building anyway it's Just literally a text editor go down to The blog again just ways you can add Blog Pages you can now name it put an Image there and just write content in Here and then there's the settings tab Here where you can put your WhatsApp Email address Etc in here for the bottom Of the page which you see on here right At the bottom here they've got some Information about contacts here And that's really it that's really what This software does for you now it is Very simple it is a little bit pointless And there is some major gaps here Because if you want to start a business Like this You obviously need some way to get Affiliate products so there's nothing on Here as far as training is concerned Even the demo that I've seen is only Showing you how to build the site but There's not so they're not showing you How to make money with this the idea Obviously was you would obviously you Would build a Blog with posts with links Back to affiliate products potentially

But again there's nothing on here that Actually tells you how to do that and if You can't sell this website in any way You can't be providing these websites For other people because it's not your Domain it's their domain so if they turn Their domain off for any reason which They're more than likely will do at some Point that website's completely Disappeared so you can't provide these Websites to anybody else so not really Seeing any point to this at all now you Can do this completely for free if we go Over to get response I'll leave a link For get response below it won't be an Affiliate link I don't need to make Money off you in care response allows You to have a free account for up to 500 Subscribers which has an autoresponder With it and the ability to build Websites and landing pages Etc if you Jump inside that response and I go over To their beauty and fitness section here They've got loads of different websites On here that you can utilize to build This type of website if this is what you Want to do and you can do exactly the Same thing for it so I say use this Template here look at this website you Can do all of these different sections Plus you add contact pages on here and Sign up forms it's just so much better Quality on this website if I wanted to Add anything else to this website

I'll go and manage the pages and I can Start adding and taking away Pages here It's just way way better guys than using This kind of software you can also have Different views on here so you can check Out what it looks like in mobile view I Just think this is a much better option For you now you can also connect a Domain to this so if you want it under Your own domain you can go ahead and buy A domain through here and actually Connect a domain to this so it becomes Completely your site so I would actually Do that rather than go down this route Now the reason I say that is because This is just a rinse and repeat of Multiple recent products from these guys Let me just take a look at their recent Releases audio book Mojo plr Mojo travel Mojo it's all the same thing it was Exactly the same product but they just Changed the niche that they were using That product for and they all like their Same issues and it's not just me saying This even if you look at these ratings Two out of five one and a bit out of Five one out of five two out of five Only two and a bit Stars anyway on here So it's not great um I don't really Think these are great vendors and apart From the fact the products aren't that Good if I just jump back to the website And come down to the testimonials here And as I said in the last couple of

Reviews of these guys products these Reviews don't look right to me when I Look at the people who are doing these Reviews say this Chris Ellis If I go back to audiobook Mojo Chris Ellis is on here again doing a similar Review and then plr Mojo Chris Ellis Appears again on these and now these are Supposed to be some kind of Facebook Posts that are telling you that this is Really good but it's the same folks that They're picking every single time on the Facebook posts who are going from being Plr experts to audio book experts to Fitness Experts they're using all of These different types of products and Building businesses in them which is not Conceivable in any way now what I think They're doing Is using these types of fake post Generators where they're just completely Making up this post if you go over to you can make up these Posts plus you can give it likes you can Give it all sorts of different emojis if You see this building up but down here And you can make this look like a real Facebook post this is what these look Like to me they don't look genuine in Any way Especially the fact that the same people Seem to be having the same kind of posts On every single product of theirs just Doesn't make any kind of sense to me so

Guys that's my review of Fitness Mojo I Think you're better off using a free Version go over to somewhere like get Response you do get a autoresponder as Well included if you go ahead and build A site with them I think it's a much Better option for you I'll leave a link Below but guys I would avoid these types Of products they're pretty simple They're not really going to do any harm But they are going to waste you a lot of Time because the quality just isn't There that's my view of Fitness Mojo Guys hope there's a valuable to you my Name is Richard Darby this is school Nomads if you want me to the channel Before don't forget to hit that Subscribe and notification Bell and I'll Let you know whenever I produce new Videos and guys if you're really Struggling and you're trying to figure Out how to build that business online That is going to earn you money on a Regular basis go ahead and hit the link In the description below over to school Nomads I got some completely free Training for you there that'll get you Started straight away until next time Guys take care [Music] Foreign [Music]

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