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Hey guys richard here so in this review I’m talking about paying me now this is By sean joshua and is out on saturday The 16th of july now this is an Application that allows you to Apparently error check other people’s Articles and you can go ahead and make Money now when you look at the demo Video they’re telling you you can make Money on sites like fiverr on upwork and You can also search the web and look for Articles that have got bad grammar and You can offer your services to correct That grammar so i’m gonna go inside the Application You’ll see this application is currently Processing now it’s been processing for The last 10 minutes on something i’ve Tried This is a live version of this guys by The way i just bought this and then We’ll jump back to the sales page and I’ll show you a couple of Inconsistencies on the sales page you Need to be aware of before you go ahead And decide to buy any kind of products Or services off these types of vendors So guys if you haven’t been over to my Channel before my name is richard debbie This is school of nomads if you’re Interested in these types of honest Reviews go ahead and hit that subscriber Notification bell and i’ll let you know Whenever i produce new videos and guys

If you’re really serious and you want to Build a business online with affiliate Marketing don’t forget to register for Our free bootcamp you can see the link In the description below over to the Scroll nomads and we’ll get you started Straight away so guys basically they’re Claiming that their members have Accumulated over 124 523 dollars with pain b in the past 40 Days alone usual claims on here lots of Financial claims quite a few dates on These financial claims as well as i go Through the actual sales page the only Thing i do need to note is that this has Only been registered as a domain since The 22nd of june which is around about a Week ago so that’s one inconsistency a Bit of a red flag there if they’re Claiming that paying b is the Application they’re all using but let’s Let’s go past that and just go into the Software itself so guys if you jump Inside the software what you’re going to Get here i’m going to have to stop this Now because this has now been running For the last 10 minutes what you get Here is a number of applications you Have the home here where you have a Tutorial video there which is very very Basic you have a number of stats up here They don’t really make any kind of sense To me because i haven’t done any Articles they haven’t made it run yet i

Haven’t got any prospects that are Supposed to go and find few it hasn’t Run anything yet so basically if i look Into the my content section it’s empty And the live article section it’s empty So basically i can create articles on Here i can use as an article spinner i Can create rss i can have a rss crawler I have my error finder here that’s not Actually working at the moment the idea Is that it will show you errors in your Articles now i don’t really know why you Need this to if you really want to build A business doing this because you can go Ahead and use grammarly for free i just Come over to grammarly you can start Completely for free and if you put this On your chrome it’s going to tell you All of the errors and articles anyway And vendors can do that themselves if They got their own blog so i don’t quite Know why you need this software but Let’s say you do you’ve got a project Finder here that apparently i can go Ahead and find jobs and i just go ahead And put a keyword in here And it’s going to go and find things for Me well i’ve done this three times so Far absolutely nothing happens i’ll do It again i want to find affiliate Marketing related Sites for me to go and search And all it does is it seems to load Forever i’m going to leave that for a

Minute and fast forward the video so you Don’t have to watch it and let’s see if It actually runs this time And i just left that for a minute guys And absolutely nothing’s happening again It’s just really frustrating this Software so that’s the project finder Piece apparently i’ve got a job hunter Here i can look at what the prospects Have already got there now you remember You go back to this original page here It’s got 27 prospects and 27 articles When i come down to this prospect for Prospect finder here and look for my Prospects none of them are there And then i’ve got a bonus here so these Are bonus videos That you can go ahead and watch now There is an added and landing page Feature here so i can go ahead and Create a landing page and basically go And pick one of these same old kind of Thing on here very very simple landing Page but you’ll have to go ahead and Send this on their server As a link to somebody you can see up Here thank you pages their address on and the problem with that is If you look up here See this here this site is unsecured so They have bought this domain and they Haven’t even paid for it to be secured As a domain so there’s people going to Be putting information in here and using

This in an unsecured website and if you Try and send this link anywhere this is Going to go straight into spam and it’s Going to be flagged so that’s not a Great thing is it for a vendor to leave Their site unsecured and they’re selling This and you can see the proof there so Basically there’s the landing page thing And here’s the tutorials that you can go Ahead and have a look at you’ve got a p B demo video there you got an article Finder where you can find articles Hidden project finder landing page and Live articles Now if i actually Really think about this when you go into The suggested places like fiverr and you Can go into upwork you are in Competition with a heck of a lot of Vendors already doing this now i looked At proofreading and editing in fiverr And you can see the sixteen thousand Nine hundred and sixteen services Available and people are doing this the Problem is for you as a beginner which Is why i think it’s complete rubbish Saying people start making money up Front is that you have to spend a long Time getting yourself established on These sites and it takes a long time to Rank and me as a customer i come in here And put proof reading and editing and Quite honestly never get past the first Couple of results because you don’t need

To go ahead and start scrolling all the Way down here because you’ll have no Credibility no stars no orders it’s Going to be quite difficult to get Started and it’s the same concept and up Work now i’m not saying this isn’t Possible for you if you want to stick Out this and do this in the long term But i do think there’s a much easier way To start building a business online than Doing this type of proofreading but There is guys making money on here Absolutely but it is going to take time For you to rank now the other way they Talked about it is be going on to the Web itself and starting to approach People directly on their blogs which you Know it could be a good idea but the Only issue with that i see Is that the second you approach somebody And say i can correct your spelling Errors on your blog i would be straight Off to my blog and i would find Grammarly and i’d find that sparing Spelling errors and do it for free Myself because you’re not going to have That many blog articles that you can go Ahead and search for so it is difficult If you go ahead and approach me for Instance on my blog and say hey i’ll Correct your spelling areas the first Thing i’ll do is say thanks for pointing Them out i’m going to go and search for Themselves but you know

Fair enough guys if you want to go down That route i think it’s uh Possible you might get a few orders here Or there now there’s no way to actually Charge for your articles on here there’s No way to actually establish the Business itself the tutorials don’t go Through that so you’d have to build a Page that you can charge people off and Have all of the business set up in the Back end but basically you’ll need to Learn all that yourself i’m more worried About the fact that if i just try the Basic functionality which is this has Been sold on Look at this my website has been blocked By bull guard because guys It’s on this unsecured website my own Website blocker on my computer does not Leave like this It’s saying that it could be potentially Planting viruses and stealing malicious Information off my site so that’s the Way why i would definitely keep away From this guys i don’t like these types Of sites they can’t even bother to Secure this website that peop multiple People are going to be using and this is The live version i’ve literally just Bought it i would keep away and as usual Guys i’m just going to scroll down to Here See these images here these come from ai Generated websites where you can go

Ahead and get images like this All of these different types of images Are available to you on something called Generated photos we have a look Generated photos there whenever you see Any image where it’s got this type of Background and you can usually see Little bits and pieces where it’s not Quite right but if you see this type of Background on an image it’s just been Taken off here basically so this is Completely made up and these this guy And these guys and this guy they’ve all Been taken off that type of site and Also there’s another strange one who is Caroline willis this is by sean joshua And team so that’s a little bit random Um i’m not quite sure where they’ve got That from but again if you look at the Background this is gonna be one of those Stock photos so guys in my mind there is Something here there is kind of an idea That you might gonna make some money on Here but all of this 5.99 per minute and all this nonsense And making this money this quickly in 40 Days when the site’s not even been Registered yet another one from jane Smith 27th of april not even being Registered yet all very silly to me i Think this is a little bit of a nonsense Product usually over hyped and To be honest guys doesn’t even work and My own blocker is blocking the actual

Site that you end up paying for so guys I wouldn’t make my mistake i wouldn’t Actually purchase this i’m not going to Go through the Otos i will actually put them in the Description below if you’re really Interested in knowing what the otos are My advice is to stay well clear so guys I hope you find that of value my name is Richard darby this is school of nomads If you’ve been over the channel before Don’t forget to hit that subscribe Notification bell and i’ll let you know Whenever i produce new videos and guys If you’re really serious and you’re Struggling and you’re buying products Like this and you’re trying to figure Out how to make money online i would go Ahead and hit the link in the Description below over to school nomads I’ve got a completely free affiliate Bootcamp for you there that’s going to Really really help you out and get you On the right road to actually be able to Build a business online until next time Guys take care [Music] You

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