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Hey guys Richard here so in this video I'm talking about rapid traffic paydays Now this is by Jason Fulton and Sean England Deli and was released on the 6th Of December now this is a software Product that apparently is going to give You 40.10 every time you click no experience Necessary no selling absolutely Guaranteed to make you money now Basically guys I'm going to show you Inside the software itself I'll show you Exactly what this does this is my own Version of this I literally just Purchased this I always like to buy These products on these reviews just so You know that I've seen inside and I Have a direct look at what is actually Going on here and the aim of these Reviews is that you get a bit more Information so that you can make a more Informed decision before you go ahead And decide to purchase any kind of Software from vendors like these now if You enjoy these types of reviews go Ahead and hit that subscriber Notification Bell and I'll let you know Whenever I produce new videos and guys At any time if you're interested in Learning how to build a real affiliate Marketing business online go ahead and Check out the link in the description Below Auto scrolling Nomads we've got Some completely free training for you

There you can get started with straight Away so basically this 1.7 trillion Dollar algorithm loophole pays us Whenever someone clicks this sales page Almost wins the prize of the year for Being nonsense let's jump into the Software itself what you have here is Basically a peer-to-peer as they call it Ad platform the idea is you would come In here and you would get credit by Looking at other people's promotions on The same platform now you would only get Paid if people buy off those promotions So this ability to make ads here you can Create a new ad but the main thing on Here that is kind of laughable is the Get credit piece you'll start off with a Hundred credits the idea is that I can Come along here and I can get more Credits if I click on these ads so I can Get two credits here if I click on this Ad now if somebody purchases this the Person who put this ad on here will make Money same with this one here if I click On this one if somebody purchases this Whoever put this on would make money and The idea is that people are going to put Loads and loads of ads on here and They'll give you a little bit of credit To go click around people's ads and That's it From what I can see on here that is all That is going to be on here it's just Going to be loads and loads of different

Ads from other creators who put them on This platform and they're going to have Their own affiliate links and you get Credit every time you click on them So you're clicking on their ads there Clicking on your ads you're all going to End up clicking on the same ads because You're going to be doing the same thing Now every time somebody clicks on your Ad I'm sure you're going to have to Spend credit to put the ad up there and Then vice versa when they click on your Ad potentially you can make money if They go ahead and purchase it now you Can create your own ads here so I would Come on here just give it a title just Give it a URL here expected click say 20 I'm going to give them one credit every Time somebody clicks on it I'll put Published in and upload an image and I Go back to the credits At some point for someone my promotion Is going to turn up and that's it people Are going to be promoted to me I'm going To be clicking on these ads these are The done few ones Already this is one that's been put on Here watch this one Game pays these are all nonsense Products so if you're going to buy any Of these It's not going to make much sense in the First place but that's it guys as far as I can see that's all this is doing it's

Allowing you put an ad onto this Platform people are going to be able to Come along If you click on it you get one credit so You can click on something else you get One credit and people will get paid if They purchase the product That's it nonsense nonsense tactic and Even the mass don't add up because these On the front end are around anything From around 14 to 17 right so if I just Went in and bought this for 14 to 17 how Does that translate to forty dollars Every time someone clicks so they're Saying every time somebody clicks on one Of the the ads that they get put up They're gonna spend forty dollars on That ad just nonsense If I just go through this sales page use Your stuff on your sales page nothing Really makes sense on here none of these Are verified Financial results what You'll hopefully see in 2023 if Warrior Plus keep to the word is these should Disappear Because they're supposed to provide Proof for financial results they're Being achieved by that actual product Themselves so these are all obviously Nonsense and then when you come down to Here these are AI images anyone has seen Any number of Sales pages will know that these images Are coming from an AI

Or they're just photoshopped in doesn't Really Telling me anything about whether it's a Credible product so in my opinion guys You need to keep away from this and just Write insult to injury if you come along Here you can end up spending a lot of Money on this this is actually only Eight dollars on a front end but the Upgrade one which is this rapid traffic Unlimited is 27 then you have this done For you version 147 rapid traffic payday 17 then you have these down sells and Then you have upgrade fours forty seven Dollars which is some fast cash code Some done-for-you buyer traffic 77 and Then some more down sales here so you Can spend that with the three four Hundred dollars on this easily and quite Honestly guys it's not worth anything so My advice to you is keep boyfriend this It must be aimed at newbies so I've got No idea what's going on this is a Nonsense Strategy so my opinion you should keep Well clear hope that's valuable to you Guys my name is Richard Darby this is The school of Nomads if you've ever Known to the channel before don't forget To hit that subscribe and notification Bell and I'll let you know whenever I Produce new videos and guys if you're Really struggling and you want to figure Out how to build a business with

Affiliate marketing go ahead and check Out the link in the description below Over to school Nomads and we'll get you Started straight away until next time Guys take care

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