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Hey guys Richard here so in this review I want to talk to you about video Ace Now this is from Team black belt who are Pablo gazelle and art Flair this is due To be released on the 13th of August at 10 A.M Eastern now this is apparently an Application that will create unlimited Done few videos or turn any existing Video into an instant traffic and Commission and magnet so we’ll go Through the application itself I’ll talk To you about exactly what this does and We’ll talk to you a little bit about the Sales page and we’ll also discuss some Alternatives you can use to software Like this that in my view is going to be A lot better quality so guys if you Haven’t been up to my channel before my Name is Richard Derby this is a school Of Nomads if you want to hear these Types of honest reviews go ahead and hit That subscriber notification Bell and I’ll let you know whenever I publish new Videos and guys if you’re serious about Building a business online with Affiliate marketing go ahead and check Out the link in the description below Over to the school Nomads I got a Completely free affiliate boot camp for You there you can get started with Straight away so guys let’s go through This there is a whole list of Capabilities here basically they’re Using AI which seems to be the trendy

Thing to make videos high quality ready To use templates hundreds of them a new Cloud-based platform automated sound Wave generator automated voice to Subtitle generator automated image to Sketch converter automated photo Background removal included Auto into Social sharing royalty-free images AI Based voice server generator you don’t Need any Tech skills one click downloads And you can sell unlimited videos to Unlimited clients let’s jump into the Actual application itself all you Basically have is a very very simple Video editor and I mean simple in that There’s not much functionality here at All if you come over to the video Creator the idea is you can either Import or upload a video If you import one you can stick a put a URL in there and import one but if you Want to search and create one from fresh You just come over here and you put some Kind of keyword in here I just put dog I and then you go into these various Areas and try and search for the keyword And what it’s all it’s going to really Do is bring back some images And when I tried this earlier on this Application it’s not found any in Instagram hashtag there’s nothing to do With dog in Instagram hashtag according To this let’s have a look at Pinterest Pinches are huge so they’ve got these

Weird Results will come back for Pinterest we Have these different sized images on Here let’s try boards nothing given from That source I’m gonna try and splash down Splash is A huge free image site it’s not giving Me anything from that so for some reason It doesn’t want to make give me any Images from any of these sources let’s Try something completely different To make sure it’s not for some reason That keyword as to say affiliate do the Same thing not bringing me back any Images Pinterest just bringing me back Some of these pins I can’t really make Pins out of a video out of other People’s pins it’s not really going to Make much sense if I have frames that go From that to that to that to that so It’s not really that good this search Capability So let’s say I did want to make some With dogs it says make two images to Video I’m going to ask it to make it a video So give it a title ask it to choose just A very small video so don’t take that Much Space I can use this random audio they’ve got In here and then upload And again when I did this last time Nothing worked on here because what

You’re doing here is you’ve got really Unstable quite cheap software that You’re trying to make videos in and Don’t worry guys I’m going to give you a Couple of alternatives to this I’m just Going to wait for this to actually Do something and that’s what I had last Time error result generated video make Sure it’s correct image format because The images is bringing back are Completely different sizes it’s not Giving you back specific size videos so That’s complete Point as that video Creator the voiceover Creator is a Text-to-speech voiceover creator that Does seem to work but it is going to be Limited on the front end with any of These things you need to go ahead and Pay extra to get more voiceover done and There’s loads of these text-to-speech This is nothing new anymore so you can Get that anyway The link cloaking creator gives me this Look at this deceptive side to head may Take you into doing something dangerous So this is clearly something you don’t Want to be messing about with when it Gives you this they haven’t even secured This site then you have an image editor Which has been on so many other products Billy does these this image Creator just Seems to be going round and round in Circles and it’s something you just do Not need if you’ve got anything like

Candle which I’ll show you in a minute This is completely this all you need to Do is put a image in here you can add Text to it you can draw on on it you can Do all of these different things but It’s completely pointless when canva Exists in the world and it’s completely Free you can find HD images here let’s Go ahead and have a look at Doug again I’m expecting to see millions of dog Pictures let’s have a look at this so It’s bringing me back a couple for some Reason they’re all a little bit cropped But again pixels unsplashed just go to Them and find Loads and loads of different images once You’ve found these there’s no real way Of bringing them back into the video Unless you upload them into that video Creator tracks your plr license it’s Just a random link over to a Google Drive somewhere so I don’t know what They’ve done now they just stuffed a lot Of plr license tracks in there and You’ve got a tutorial that is two Minutes long So basically guys this is completely Pointless not needed software all you Need to do if you want to create videos You can come to a number of areas if you Just want basic videos come over to go to the video section here And it’s got lots of different sizes for Your videos depending what you want to

Do and then all of these options exist You can have the various videos on here You can have photos that you add to it Say like I wanted to add this photo to The video you can add things to this Video everything is on here that you Would need to create videos a hundred Times better quality than that software This is free on the front end if you Want to pay ten dollars a month I think It is you can get a pro version with a Bit more flexibility but essentially Most people don’t need that and you can Make all sorts of different types of Videos on here so that is one option for You and if you just wanted a really Really cheap video editing software Which by the way that software that I Just showed you doesn’t do any kind of Editing at all doesn’t allow you to crop Videos doesn’t allow you to add things Into them them it’s just really really Cheap and nasty if you wanted to do that Kind of thing I would recommend Something called Screencast-O-Matic Really because the pricing is very cheap I use something called Camtasia which is Quite expensive and not really needed When you’re first starting out but if You wanted to look at the pricing for This this is relatively cheap you can Get it for like 48 dollars per year Which is the one I have which is a Premiere account but you can also get it

For cheaper than that so you can see if You pay 17 on the front end for that Piece of software I just showed you once You paid the 48 dollars for this you’ve Got a much better Product that you can go ahead and do all Sorts of things like using webcams using Screen capture anything you want to do This will actually do it Screencast-O-Matic so I’ll leave a link To this below but there are much better Options than using this software I’m Afraid which is really really low Quality and as far as I can see isn’t Even producing me a video at the moment So no good to me this video Ace I look Back at the actual sales page use your Nonsense on this sales page just scroll Down to the testimonials these Testimonials are all completely made up This software has only been registered For about a week these people are making Money selling Videos of this system that’s one of Their big selling points by the way is That you can actually sell the nonsense That you can create on this which is so Cheap when I looked on Fiverr one thing You’ve got to realize when you ever use Things like Fiverr to sell any types of Videos is the amount of competition you Got for a start I just looked at results For making videos and just on that Keyword alone there’s 18 000 results uh

I just quickly looked at this person Here Richard Gere side I’m thinking you Know look at the quality of the videos That he’s doing and when I looked into This look at the Cinematic videos that He actually produces if you look at These videos just do some research on This you need a pretty powerful piece of Software to be able to do some of this Stuff so it’s not a case of just getting In the old cheap bit of software and Trying to sell people video you know if It gets competition it really knows what They’re doing and real expertise in this As usual I’d keep away from this I have Showed you various times before that These testimonials aren’t real I can Tell just by looking at these pictures Because these are AI generated images And these are nonsense so I would Definitely keep away from this I would Definitely keep away from these vendors I will have the details of the otos in The description below if you’re really Interested in them But as far as this is concerned I would Just stay away from it I hope there’s Valuable to you guys my name is Richard Derby this is a school of Nomads if you Haven’t known to the channel before Don’t forget to hit that subscriber Notification Bell and I’ll let you know Whenever I produce new videos and guys If you’re really serious and you want to

Build a business online with affiliate Marketing go ahead and check out the Link in the description below over to The school Nomads I got a completely Free boot camp for you there you can get Started with straight away until next Time guys take care [Music] Foreign [Music]

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