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Hey guys in this video I want to talk to You about 1K paydays by Glen kosy now This is released on the 2nd of January Now this is a product that gives you Done for you funnels that basically Claim that you can make up to $997 every single day now we are going To jump inside this is my own copy I Purchased this so basically you don't Need to and we're going to talk to you a Little bit about what this actually is Very similar to a lot of gloski products And then come back to the sales page I Want to talk to you about a couple of Things on the sales page you need to be Very aware of before you decide to Purchase of any types of vendors like These so guys if you haven't been over To my channel before my name is Richard Derby this is the school of Nomads if You're interested in these types of real Honest reviews don't forget to hit that Subscribe and notification Bell and I'll Let you know whenever I produce new Videos and guys if you're struggling if You're trying to figure out how to build A business online go ahead and check out The link in the description below over To scho noad I got some completely free Training for you there that will get you Started straight away so guys let's jump Straight in I want I don't want to dwell On this too much us your types of sales Page lots of hype on here I want to jump

Into the product itself now this is the Same as pretty much every single Glenn Costy product training's always quite Good on these products he does tell you Exactly how to use it and it's very Clear lots of different types of Training on here but let's get into the Meats and Bones of this your high ticket Funnel what you're literally doing in This product is promoting his high Ticket webinar which is several thousand And you're going to get get a certain Amount of commissions for that which is Where that so-called $997 is coming from Now like anything to promote any kind of Product like this online especially if It's high ticket you need to have Tremendous amount of traffic to actually Get any kind of sales off it but that's What you're essentially doing so it's Providing you the pages to go ahead and Promote that funnel so what you get here Is these various types of pages now These are basically going to the same Links it's just the different designs of Page so on the blueprint one here the Page that you actually go ahead and Share with people and again this is just A page to share is this one and it Allows people to sign up for the webinar Through the link here which you'll be Able to plug into the back end and it'll Be your affiliate link all is explaining The actual product there's also this

Version It's called unleash similar type Of look and feel it's just blue and Basically you're going to go ahead and You're going to share this so you'll Have to share this link right this is How this all works so again this is all Part of their own application so if you Go ahead and this gets shut down for Whatever reason then this is all gone Your business is gone but this is what The pages look like now the webinar Itself looks like this if I just go Ahead and look at the webinar page URL You can view it here and you basically Get sent over to this webinar page here Which they go ahead and sign up for and Then they get taken through this webinar To be sold one of Glen koski's High Ticket products okay now I've done loads Of reviews on Glen kosy products in the Past I I don't find them very good at All I think they wasted time for most People but that's what you're actually Selling here right so you got all of These different types of funnels now one Of the main aspects of this you've got To realize is you need traffic so you Can get traffic in a number of ways you Can get it for free you can get it paid You can get traffic through emails as Long as you've got a list there's Various ways you can get traffic so the Next thing about this product is all About how they're going to get you the

Traffic first thing is social shares the Social shares here are a complete waste Of time basically if you got no audience On any of these Social Links and of this Is just by email Etc then you're not Going to get anybody over to your link Remember you're only sharing a link and Basically if you haven't got an audience These are not free traffic links they're Just complete waste of time so that's Not really any kind of traffic you can Use the second one is if you look into The recommended traffic here they talk To you about solo ads now I can leave a Video underneath I'll give you my view On solo ads solo ads are where you Actually pay a vendor a certain amount Of money and he will get you clicks over To a certain link so all you need to do Essentially is provide that link to that Vendor and then they will go ahead and Send out to their multiple people on Their lists and get you those clicks the Trouble is their lists are constantly Being used for people's links so it's Like lots of the spam that you receive You look at your spam inbox a lot of That's going to come from people who are Actually solo ad vendors who are just Constantly constantly emailing out very Low quality emails and they get put in Spam a lot of the time and they got very Low very low response rates the reason Some people like them if they're very

Very experienced marketers is they can Send a lot of traffic to a certain point Selling maybe a very very low ticket Offer and then get people to actually Opt in and then they take over and then Their back end will actually advertise a High ticket webinar but you've got to Know what you're doing if you're doing That if you don't like the vast majority Of people who use solo ads you will Spend $500,000 and you get very very little Response I got a video about that I did A while back actually on solo ads I'll Put it in the link below you make your Own decisions I don't think this is a Very good way that new people should be Going ahead and getting traffic next is Their free traffic system now this is an Odd one because they talk about the Having these sites that are like free Advertising you go over to these various Sites and you can plug your links into Here and it's like a link sharing Farm Where you're going to pay for credits They're going to send you lots of links You're going to send them lots of links It's very very lowquality traffic it's Not really traffic that you're going to Be any use to you because you're not Building up any kind of audience from Any kind of quality or value you're giv You just basically throwing this link Out so again I don't think that's that

Good um next is this um YouTube ads if You don't know how to do Google ads Again you could be spending a hell of a Lot of money on an ad just to get a lead Now the the reason that people do them Is again they've got a very very Established funnel where they can get That lead and they can use email Marketing and other methods like Redirecting links Etc and actually turn Them into buyers but it takes a lot of Practice it takes a lot of money up Front to actually get the right keywords To use it's not as easy just throwing Together a YouTube ad so that's the kind Of traffic they have here some extra Free traffic they have down here again Very very interesting free traffic here Is this affiliate traffic lab now this Was just a way that they had years and Years ago this product and I I've showed This in multiple other videos where you Just skim a sales page and you make a Really crappy video out of the sales Page it's not traffic itself cuz to get People over to that actual video itself You need traffic to get over to the Video to then somehow come over to this Product just complete nonsense then you Have this traffic here which is again This this traffic zap page they've had On every product for years and it's just A bunch of random random links and Link Refill sites and none of it make any

Sense to me so it's like you just thrown A load of stuff into a product and all You do is you certainly change it every Time time you release this product month On month but essentially it's the same Thing you give away some free web pages To people you get them to share your Links over to your product so it's great For you because if anybody does buy it And share it then the off chance that Somebody does buy then you're providing Basically free traffic to the vendor so The off chance that you do end up get Making a sale they're making obviously a Lot more because on the back end they Got loads of stuff that they send people I'll get you a quick example of that by The way I bought this a couple of hours Ago I've already had at least three Miles from these guys and I know that if I look in my spam there'd be a lot more So you get a lot of emails off these Guys once you start on their list and All also they transfer your email Address from one list to another list to Another list so you never get away from It you have to constantly unsubscribe Which you'll find out if you go and buy This yourself so basically that's what This um traffic is here there are some Good points here listen you can get free Traffic from certain things like Pinterest which is one of the other ones That they actually mention on here um

But it's takes a long time and you need To establish your own business to Actually do that you need to establish Some kind of value you're giving to People you need to be able to provide Them good knowledge and then many Recommend products like this rather than Just grabbing a link randomly and just Saying hey go and have a look at this Link it's not going to work for a vast Majority of people you need hell of a Lot of traffic to try and get these 1K Pay Days some of the things on here I Just kind of skipped over the AI piece Here everything's AI these days is just A complete link over to chat GP It's nothing it's nothing to do with Them at all in fact it just linked over To my own chat GPT account um you won't Even get GPT 4 you get gpt3 because I Just happened to have the pro version um You have an autoresponder here basically You need an autoresponder if you're Online um they go ahead and recommend Some autoresponders for you but they're Affiliate links so if you go and sign up For them use these autoresponders and It'll give you some emails for them Nothing really wrong with this training But I'm just saying beware that these Are actually going to be paid links once You go ahead and sign up for them um Eventually you'll need to start Upgrading these but again nothing really

Wrong with this autoresponder stuff just Be aware that they're making money off You doing that here's the email swipes You can go ahead and use plug them into Your autoresponder and then there is Some resources here there's a case study Here let's have a look at this case Study um because I haven't looked into This yet yeah this is a case study you Can't access unless you upgrade Absolutely Ridiculous why would I need to pay money For a case study so you can prove that The product that you're actually selling Works complete nonsense then you go Ahead and have a look at the lead Magnets so look what these lead magnets Are like going to download the zip and This is supposed to be lead magnets I Can give Away and they're just a bunch of PDFs That they've given you look these are Just rubbish absolute rubbish so they're Not really worth your time if you're Going to do a Le magnet do a nice one Because you're not going to end up Having people who are your fans if You're going to give them crap like that There's a diction of terms that you can Go ahead and use again these are just Extra things they've decided to blunk Into this product with a nice bit of Software you can use these eign flipbook Software they've attached makes you look

Flash doesn't provide any real value to You and then you got a load of upgrades Here that you can go ahead and use so Basically guys it's the same problem With these glosy type products if you Don't understand how to Market and you Kind of go through this done for you Route you're not going to end up going And getting anywhere because you're not Going to be able to get enough traffic Over to these links that aren't that Good of quality anyway but you're not Going to be able to get get enough Traffic over to these links to make any Kind of sustainable business and Sustainable sales what you usually do When you have a high ticket Program Start something cheap and then through Email marketing through getting to know Your audience through all of these types Of value driven strategies you then go Ahead and you can sell High tiet Products it's very difficult to try and Just go straight for a high tiet product And sell that straight away so I never Like these types of products from Glen Koski and the other reason I don't like Him if I just go back to the sales page There's a couple of things on here I Think are a bit weird one thing is this Reviews it says it's five star from 287 2,847 reviews January 2024 this has Only just come out so how the else it Got reviewed by that match straight away

That's nonsense and if I look on their Warrior Plus Account which is here uh they got about 2,772 reviews and it's three stars in Fact the last knows how many products Have got barely over two which just Shows you what Their audience thinks of Them now they are low numbers but Basically it just tells you the general Feel for these types of products by Super Warriors the other thing is if you Come down to the page here they've got Testimonials on here and I hate it when They do this basically they got Testimonials that are telling you that This product works and they're telling You that I've made a great sale and this Person here you put something together Something super powerful that's by Terrence Billingham we just have a quick Look at Terrence Billingham where he's From and I can tell straight away it's Just a general image if I look at this One here if you look at this this guy is Shawn McKai that's not Terrence Billingham so basically this is just Some kind of stock image I don't even Know if it's name is Shawn Makai to be Quite honest that's one person that's Completely false that's a false Testimonial then this one called Mandy Clarkson who said they did actually make A sale just go on to this one this is Really easy to do guys all you need to

Do is search image on Google this is Someone called Maria and again she's Been using multiple other websites for Various things this a stock image so yes You can always say oh they only use Stock images because um the real people Don't want to put their faces on these Products but that's nonsense basically The using these with the financial proof Which is completely made up to tell you That this product works and it's lies It's lies on the sales page straight Away so I don't care if this product Worked I still wouldn't part my ways With my money to try and P purchas this Of these types of people because they're Willing to Li you on a sales page put The real people on there if you've got 2,000 of people giving you five star Reviews you're not telling me that they You can't get a bunch of people on here That are real that can actually throw Their own picture and actually give a Real testimonial so what I'm telling you Guys is don't trust these guys I'm going To give this a one out of 10 I think It's again it's a load of nonsense from These vendors but if you do want to try It it's completely up to you just be Aware that you need a lot of traffic to Get any kinds of sales out the in on This sales page hope that's a value to You guys my name is Richard dby this is School of Nomads if you're interested in

These honest reviews go ahead and hit That subscribe notification Bell and I'll let you know whenever I produce new Videos and guys if you're struggling if You're trying to figure out how to build A real business online check out the Link in the description below over to The school of Nomads and we'll get you Started straight away until next time Guys take Care

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