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Hey guys Richard here so in this review I'm talking about music maker now this Is going to be a little bit of a flash Review because I thought I want to tell People to follow my reviews on the Channel about this product because it's A great example of a complete disconnect Between a sales page and what you Actually get once you jump inside the Product so this is actually due to Released on the 2nd of December and it Comes from these two you might want to Remember these two because you want to Avoid products that are coming from Vendors like this and I'll tell you why I joined the review so basically this is Supposed to be some kind of music maker That allows you to have unlimited Amounts of music and it's going to Replace Spotify and apple music that's The first massive disconnect here Because what you actually get is this Piece of software here that allows you To get some audio tracks so they've got A lot of audio tracks and put them up Here the claiming there's millions of Them there's only 13 pages of these Audio tracks so that can't be Millions When you've only got 30 on each page Quick calculation that says there's About 400. the other thing is there's an Audio library on here what all they've Done is bunched it into different types Of audio so that for some reason they're

Spelled generated wrong on there when You jump inside you get one type of Audio when you ask it to regenerate It'll just give you a different audio Track that's all it does and all the Audio sounds like this guys Still by any kind of contemporary artist It's just random audio they're found Somewhere so it's all very strange it Doesn't do anything as far as replacing Spotify and apple music the other thing You need to be aware of is that the rest Of this has got no connection to Anything Um you could go on here and you've got a Background removal tool just got a canva For anything like this you don't need to Buy software like this image to sketch So you're going to put some kind of Image there it's going to change it into A sketch you can search images search Videos search sketches no reason why They don't tell you why you need to be Able to search things you got an image Editor and a video editor here let's Look at the video editor see how complex That is So basically you have to download a Piece of video editing software to your Mac who's going to do that from vendors Like this you've got a screen recorder Here again no connection to this page Whatsoever where does it say anything About screen recording or anything

Uh you've got video templates here no Connection again what I've done is put a Lot of other products and just random Them in there as if it's some kind of More value but it's not and then you Have some tutorials at the end here and Basically the tutorials uh a four minute Demo and all this does is take you Through all the different parts of the Software does So nowhere on here no training on here Nothing on here tells you I can you can Actually make money yourself now I've Seen some other reviews on here saying That you send people over to your site And they're going to be buying music off You how how are you going to set up the Site where's your payment gateways how Do they pay for this music is this music Even allowed to be sold You don't know any of this stuff from Using these types of software so I just Thought I'd just jump on quickly guys Because I just think there's such a Disconnect between this and this is Quite unreal now when you go and have a Look at the sales page I knew this was Going to happen as I went through the Sales page there's no explicit Financial Proof on here there's some of these Random graphics on here saying I started Using music maker and it's the best Alternative to Spotify and apple music Or where are my podcasts where is the

Music where are the modern artists where Are the millions of other tracks from Different types of artists on Spotify or Apple where is all that stuff then all I'm doing is getting random files it is Completely disconnected now when you Look at the actual testimonials and if You follow my reviews before you know What I'm going to say here just this one Here for a start it's not a person So that just tells me that all these Testimonials are complete nonsense there You go Whoever this is coffee rooster Valencia Click on this and it's on this site and It must appear on this site somewhere so False testimonials complete nonsense on The sales page products not giving you Any value whatsoever unless you for some Reason you want to get somewhere you can Get random Audio tracks if you can go on the Internet right now and just type in free Audio tracks and you can get them Anywhere and anything to do with editing Images or getting images or building Video templates just use camera instead Don't purchase anything off these types Of vendors as usual there will be a big Funnel here you could spend upwards of a Couple of hundred dollars on this type Of product really wouldn't go anywhere Near this I think it's a complete waste Of time and you're best off spending

Your time building a real business and Guys if you want to figure out how to Build a business that makes you a Hundred dollars a day with affiliate Marketing go ahead and hit the link in The description below to school Nomads And you can get started straight away Hope this is value to you guys just a Very quick review of Music Maker until Next time take care

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