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Hey guys Richard here so in this review I want to talk about Premiere AI now This is an application that apparently You can upload videos into a software Change the audio and then actually sell Them as a freelancer we're going to jump Inside I'll show you exactly what this Does and then we'll talk to you a little Bit more about the sales page and some Of the things on the sales page that you Need to be aware of before you decide to Part with any money on these types of Products guys if you've not been over to My channel before my name is Richard Darby this is the school of Nomads if You're interested in these types of Honest reviews go ahead and hit that Subscribe notification Bell and I'll let You know whenever I produce new videos And as always guys if you're really Interested or you're struggling and you Want to try and figure out how to build A real business online go ahead and hit The link in the description below over To school Nomads I got some training for You there that I'm telling you will take You from a complete beginner to having a Proper Business Online very very quickly Let's jump inside here now as usual on These sales Pages guys I ignore all These silly Financial claims because for One that's other people that's not Saying what this can actually do and for Two for as far as this one's concerned

It's talking about Freelancers he's Talking about things like Fiverr and Upwork where you need to establish Yourself before you can go ahead and Make real money on these platforms so Just be aware of that if you complete Beginner everything takes time now this Is all about video editing so basically What you can do is you can upload a Video into here so you can import from Various locations like video YouTube you Can import from an URL or you can upload Your own video now some of these in the Actual training as well it's a little Bit ropey advice to be honest because It's telling you you can upload Anybody's video into this platform redub Them and then kind of resell them now as Far as that's concerned you can't Because you're breaking copyright unless It's got the right licenses on YouTube That allow you to actually change that And use it for your own purposes you can Share videos on YouTube as much as you Want but you can't actually take that Video and then start repurposing it Which these guys seem to claim you can So if you're in a a country like the UK Or the us or any of those countries They've got those copyright laws don't Do that for a start now I can see a use Case here where you can have your own Video and potentially translate that Into various formats for various uses so

I'm not saying it's a completely bad Idea but it is a bad idea to completely Rip somebody else's video and do that But let's go and have a look and see if This actually works so this is import From YouTube and I'm going to go and get A YouTube video URL this is one that I Kind of found earlier Let's see if this one works because There's a couple of ways that you can Actually do this upload and there you go You actually take the URL from the bar Not the sharing URL itself so I'm going To just pause the video while this Actually Imports and then we'll come Back to and I'll show you what it can do So this video was actually over 12 Minutes long what it's done is it's Taken a minute and actually uploaded it Into the system all you're supposed to Do then is give it some kind of original Language uh select number of speakers We're going to see one in this case then We're going to write next it's going to Process the video so what it's doing now Is just transcribing the video now Actually I think this is okay because There's a lot of times that you can Actually transcribe videos and then Maybe make blog posts out of them so if You had your own videos that you wanted To transcribe quickly this is not a bad Actually piece of software to go and Transcribe the video in

What I'm not really again happy with is The fact they're trying to teach you to Use other people's videos Um you use need to use this for your own Not somebody else's but basically what It says is transcribe the video here and You can go ahead and you can edit any Part of these And add various things like grammar and You can start adding other Words to this right so you can do that And the next thing you can do is you can Also translate it so it says it's 140 Languages here not quite here but Basically I can translate this into say Spanish and I'll say just say Puerto Rico and ask you to translate that now I'm not going to be able to validate the Accuracy of this translation I'm just Going to assume that that's correct so That allows me to actually translate That into Spanish it can also add Subtitles to the video you can dub the Video you can use various types of Speakers on here to actually dub the Video now The one problem I have is if you dubbed The video for instance Into Spanish again How is it going to sync up with the Original video and the person talking is It going to look a bit strange so we're Going to do that And I've chosen the speaker there and

Then we're just going to look at the Audio volume and the dub audio version So that's what it's doing basically is Allowing you to configurate The audio volume and then just put your Dub volume in there So let's go ahead and save this and I'm Gonna Actually export the video because I want To see what this sounds like and what It's doing now is just rendering so it's Going to give me a couple of versions of This it's going to give me the uploaded Version that I had and then it should Give me a published version which would Be the translated version but let's go Ahead and I'll just leave it on pause And see what it actually gives me so I Have my published video here now I can't See how it's dubbed it to be honest Because I'm looking at it and I can't See where the dubbing comes in but Basically if I look at it it has Actually given me some subtitles here That give me that translated text so it It does work as far as giving me the Ability to caption it in a different Language if that's accurate now what You'd have to do with this once it's Finished is you'd have to download this And then upload it into whatever video Site that you've got you won't be able To upload it if it's somebody else's Video back to YouTube because it'll be

Done with copyright straight away but if There's some of the video platform you Want to upload it or you could use this If somebody wanted to translate their Video and have different subtitles to me The whole thing is a little bit clunky Um if you've got like Portuguese Subtitles for instance on this video That's in the English What are you trying to sell at the end Of the day if it's a warrior plus type Product or you're trying to use this to Promote some kind of products and Service What language would that products and Service be if people can't understand English for instance would you be only Using Portuguese products and services To actually Promote to them so you've got to think About things like that because at the End of the day this is just one way of Building some kind of content your Business is to have a niche that you're Concentrating on or an audience within That Niche that you're trying to focus Your content on and the right type of Content for them and only then do you Start trying to sell things to them This is only one part of that bigger Puzzle which is where and all of these Types of software products kind of lose Their way a little bit because somebody Would come in here they'll translate a

Load of videos and then I have no idea How to actually make money off them at The end of the day and again as I said Earlier these sites like Fiverr and Things like that to make thousands of Dollars a day on somewhere like Fiverr You'd have to have hundreds of orders You really would so How are you going to fulfill them as a Single person unless you have one or two Massive orders where you're looking at Being somebody who has got a lot of Reputation is highly professional in That Marketplace and using software like This just wouldn't cut it that's my Opinion guys so there is a use case for This in some ways it does allow you to Get a quick transcription of your video Which I kind of like because sometimes You want a quick transcription of a Video that you've done so that you can Reuse it as a blog post for instance and Sometimes on things like YouTube it is a Bit clunky to do that so that's not bad But at the end of the day if you come Back to actual sales page some of these Claims a little bit silly as usual it Doesn't take 56 seconds it took 10 Minutes to render that video so it Doesn't take 56 seconds but there you Are that's one of the kind of claims That they usually have is that Everything's really quick and really Easy the other thing that annoys me

About these sales pages over and over Again is they use these testimonials now These testimonies are all fake I'm going To put it out there because these guys On every single product that they do Here's just one other product Chris M Joshua Lana Rebecca they don't know They're on air they're all AI people They're not real they always put these Graphics on saying that this has been Brilliant this is my new way I'm gonna Make money this is another business I'm Going into this time it's translation Next last time is some other AI product The time before that it was audio the Time before that it was something like Video it's always the same now if these Guys were real they start a new business Every month which isn't going to work to Start with but I know they're not real It's easy enough to fake these Facebook Posts go to some ad called and this is a Facebook post so basically by using These settings on the left hand side Here I just build up a Facebook post and I can just take a copy of that generate The image here and I can use it I know So it's all Bs guys you know that I know That and this is why I don't care how Good the software is or if it's even Useful I wouldn't buy off people like This because there makes basically lying To you on sales Pages they don't care

That this is real if this was actually Real and the people were actually making Money off this software use their Testimonials use something real not Having to fake them all the time so Clearly a bit of a nice idea they've got This software off somewhere they've Decided this is going to be the next Product of the month again next month There'll be something else these guys Actually release every single month we Just look at our flare on Munchies click Onto the vendor you'll see every single Month there's something until the end of The year at Mojo launch Mojo payment Mojo Premiere awaken emerge videos Mojo Audio Mojo herb dating Mojo Guys this is nonsense the only people Are making money in any of these Businesses are these vendors selling These little trinkets every single month Promising you'll make an absolute Fortune another day you want you need to Figure out what you want to do as far as Building a real business online is do You actually want to spend your time Messing about this software like this or Do you want to understand how to build a Real business if you do hit the link in The description below to scroll Nomads I Have something there that will show you How to identify a niche how to identify Your audience the type of content that's Going to resonate with them and then how

To actually monetize Their audience and Make a real living online that interests You hit the link in the description Below thanks for taking the time to Watch this video until next time take Care Thank you

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