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Hey guys Richard here so in this review I want to talk about TV profits now this Is YouTube released by Syed adaliki on Monday the 7th of November at 10 A.M Eastern now this is a product that Claims you can make sure you lost lots Of money by actually building a TV Channel similar to Netflix or Amazon Prime and the claiming they're making Around 489 dollars per day we're going to look Into that claim and also as usual we're Going to take a look inside I'll show You exactly what this software is going To give you hey guys just let me Interrupt for one second I've got a Great recommendation for you I'm going To show you how you can build a real Business online literally for the price Of a pizza this is the exact method that I use to get started online and I use This method every single day what I want You to do is jump down into the Description you'll see a link just like This go and click on this link over to This page now this page is going to Start introducing you to a product Called the simple traffic blueprint Which is going to teach you step by step How to start a business and get traffic Over to your affiliate offers In any Niche it really really is a very Very simple method you can get started With it straight away fill in your

Details here just your name and your Email address here give me a consent and Then go ahead and click the get started Box and you'll be brought over to this Page here as I said this is literally The price of a pizza it's going to teach You how you can start using a real Method to get traffic the same method I Use every day and I'm telling you what Guys you never have to show your face You never have to be on camera all you Need to do is follow the tutorials here Step by step and you can start building A business as soon as today I would jump Over here guys there's 50 free done few Niches you can get stuck into straight Away lots of options and again it's the Way that I started out online so I Highly recommend this method thanks for Taking the time to watch this very very Quick recommendation let's get back to The review so guys as I said this is a One-click app that launches your own TV Channel you can start your TV channel Immediately zero audience required You're going to tap into there 443 million viewers Um okay we have 490 live TV channels Stateful beta testers I've made 26 000 So far we're going to look into this Beta testers claim as well you'd be Friendly no Tech skills usual stuff Right so we're going to jump straight Inside now I've seen products like this

Before in fact this could even be a Re-release of a different product Because I've seen a very very similar Interface like this before now what You're going to do basically is build This this is a website where there's a Couple of plugins in here that allow you To bring clips of other videos and Latest films over to a dashboard and Then display them on a dashboard as well As YouTube channel type Clips as well Now what you will find is this isn't a Real movie site at all this is just Basically a bunch of Clips taken of Movies and put on this site similar to What something like IMDb is which you Might as well just go to IMDb The then Come over to a site like this but this Is what this is as you can see all these Images are really really horrible and Squished doesn't look too great and if You can't place watch now on this inula Homes funny enough I watched this last Night on Netflix basically you come over To this Netflix piece if you press play Here you're just going to come over to a Clip of anula homes the actual movie Itself and that's it you don't actually See the movie in any way and if I Actually want to go and buy this movie What it's going to do is it's going to Send me over to Amazon which is where they're saying You're going to make your money on here

By actually going ahead and joining Amazon as an associate so I come over Here and I come over to click on this Amazon link and in this case because the Movie's out on Netflix there isn't any Kind of movie for sale on Amazon at the Moment it's going to give you these Books instead to try and buy and you'll Get a very very very small percentage of This sale if somebody comes through all Of that funnel and actually buys this Book now there is other examples of These movies on here we'll just go to a Different one and here uh let's see this One the woman King again it's Been released all this is is a clip of The actual woman King and I go over in a Plus full movie on here and it's coming In this case it's going to give me the DVD an option to buy the DVD but again You're going to get a small price if Somebody goes through that funnel so That's the way that the monetizing this They're also saying that there's some Movies on here that you can get through Google ads and you can put banners on Here and have Google ads running Um there's a banner up here look if I Profess on this Banner it's going to Give me as she's not linked to anywhere In this case which should be taking me Over to some random product that's Another way that they're saying you can Monetize this site and we'll just go

Back to the actual dashboard all you Have here is a channel and you can go Ahead and create your channel you can Give it a name like this you can choose A Channel logo and you can go ahead and Just pick a niche and then press next And you can either search live videos of Movies you can go ahead and search some Movies there and you can go ahead and Publish the site itself that's the way That you do a channel it's pretty easy To do if you want to monetize it you go To banner ads here you can go and put a Set of banner ads up here you have one Bit on video banners you can add a Banner to the actual video itself you Have these button ads again you can add Some buttons to the video I have Google Ads here now this is where you're going To start putting your AdSense code in Here you're not going to get approved to Get AdSense on this site Very unlikely nobody's going to come Over to the site anyway there's no Traffic to this site which I'll go into But this is where you put your AdSense Code just one thing on the AdSense code Actually when you get told you can make A lot of money from Google AdSense you Need to come over to something called The Google AdSense calculator which is Quite a nice little tool that I've used In the past to demonstrate how much AdSense you can actually make of certain

Websites now these are monthly page Views up here this is set at 50 000. so If I had 50 000 monthly pay views I Could potentially get three thousand Dollars worth of AD Revenue so just Remember how many previews that actually Is it's 50 000 page views there's a lot Of page views that you need to get and Obviously it all depends on the category And the niche you're in so if you're in North America for instance and you look At computer and electronics I'll get Five thousand dollars a worth of AD Revenue with 50 000 page views but you Do need a lot of page views now they're Claiming to make you 400 a day that's a Very very small percentage about Amazon Revenue around about three percent a Time plus the same they're using AdSense To make money which is going to be need A lot of visitors and a lot of sales to Make real money out of this but just to Show you that you do need a lot of Visitors to get Google AdSense if I come Back to the actual software again you Have the ability to go viral they're Saying so how could I go viral well I Can share my link which is this link Here to multiple random social media Sites now if you haven't got any viewers On social media you haven't got any Followers on social media nobody's going To see this link you're probably going To get the link band anyway because half

The social media sites don't like links But even if you have you need to have People on the social media sites Nothing's going to go viral which is a Problem with these types of sites one The very low quality but in essence two The fact that you have No traffic coming to them means you're Gonna get no sales anyway irrespective Of what you put up and what movie clips You put up or what random Youtube videos You add to the site it doesn't matter Because you're not going to get any Traffic over to the site another side to This is this ad me you can do this Anyway you can just go on to add to which is on the web you can sign Up for your own account on here and put This on anything but what half of these Things aren't even social media sites They're things like Skype print friendly Is on here Trello is a project Management type solution most of these Aren't even sites that you would share Things on anyway but there you go that's Their first option and the other one is Something I've seen before which is this Weird software that they like you to Become part of which again is building Posts and then sending them off to Twitter Tumblr Vimeo Reddit and telegram Which again is kind of so what because You've got no traffic in those places so You can post what you want but nobody's

Going to see it But there you go guys that's that's just My view on these social media sharing Type platforms they are not very good Next up we've got this Banner designer Again if you've seen my reviews before You've seen this a piece of software a Thousand times it's just a very very Simple image Creator you can do that on Camera if you want to then you've got The ability to upgrade into these Various upgrades I'll go into that in a Second got some tutorial videos here and Then you got the support desk and that's Really it at the end of the day guys What you're doing here is you're trying To make money by producing sites like This and just do another random one and It's just nonsense these aren't real Movies these are just movie clips it's Going to send you off to Amazon to try And get them to buy something they're Not going to be happy with that because By the time they've done that they might Just go to Amazon and join Amazon and When you think of things like live shows All these are is just random Youtube Videos That's it So I'm not impressed with this I think It's a little bit of nonsense software And again look at this banner up here It's all squished and horrible if we Come back to the sales page let's have a

Look at some of this proof now Apparently they're making absolute Fortunes in there so what dashboard this Is I'll never know it's just random Graphics put up here but when you come Down to here they're using false Testimonials again these are AI images That's an AI image that's an AI image I've seen these a thousand times on Sales Pages they're completely made up They're not real people this one here Daniel Watson from Sydney Australia is Also showing up here on this East West Health Site and there he is if you can see that I'll actually make this bigger now he's Called Noah l so he's either called Noah L or it's called Daniel Watson which of Course guys we know is called neither Because this is made up these are Graphics no one is making money off this If they were making as much money as They Claim why can't they prove it why can't They show you one example of it it's all Nonsense guys the Oto is very very Simple here there's pretty much no Information about these on any Pages the Front end is 19 the Oto one the Unlimited is 67 there's a done few Version 297 automation I'll show three It's 47 does oto4 Swift profits audio Five Limitless traffic I cannot say this Again it didn't get Limitless traffic

Why would they ever need a affiliate to Try and promote this for them why would They need those folks so they can get a Limited traffic why would you give 50 Your commission to other people so That's nonsense franchise Edition here And then multi-income Edition here I Don't advise you to get any of this Stuff guys if you want to make money With videos I talked about a method that I use every single day earlier don't Jump on that it's a price of a pizza Seriously guys that's a real method for Making money online this is nonsense This is a piece of shiny object soft Where there isn't even that good that's Going to give you absolutely no value And all you're going to do is waste your Time trying to build a site and no Traffic to it you won't get any money And this will just end up Dusty on your Computer and you'll have no success with It oh guys the value to you my name is Richard Darby this is School of Nomads If you haven't been up to the channel Before don't forget to hit that Subscribe notification Bell and I'll let You know whenever I produce new videos Guys as I advise you earlier if you're Really serious and you want to build a Business online hit the link in the Description below and we'll get started Today until next time guys take care [Music]

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