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So in this review I want to talk to you About travel Mojo now this is by Pablo Gossal and art Flair who are team black Belt and is due to be released on the 15th of October at 10 A.M Eastern and Apparently this is going to allow you to Build affiliate travel websites in 45 Seconds you’re completely free autopilot Traffic your site’s ready in minutes Nothing to install all very easy and 12 Beer testers have already started making Fifty thousand dollars with this site so We are going to jump inside we’ll have a Look around and show you exactly what This is going to give you and then we’ll Jump back to the sales page and we’ll Talk a little bit more about this method Overall hey guys Richard here so just Wanted to give you a very very quick Recommendation now if you want to start Making money online and you want to Figure out how to generate lots and lots Of free traffic I’ve got a great Recommendation for you which you can Literally pick up for the price of a Pizza Guys what I want you to do is jump Down to the bottom of this video and You’ll see this link here just go ahead And click on that link and you’ll come Over to this page here fill in your name Your email address and click the consent Here and then go ahead and you can get Started with this product which Literally is the way that I started out

Online guys this is a very very simple Way for generating traffic it’s super Easy to set up there’s 50 done for you Niches included in here to get you Started very very quickly so guys if You’re interested and you want to start Building a business online this is Literally the price of a pizza go ahead And check out the simple traffic Blueprint thanks for listening guys Let’s get back to the review guys let’s Jump straight into the admin site now What you have here is a website that You’re going to build that looks like This now this is a little bit messy but You can pretty much edit everything on This website and it’s just based around The travel Niche what they’ve done here Is they’ve found a website template that Is related to travel and then they’re Going to sell you that as the easy way To make money now one thing I did notice On here there’s a few settings I think Are very very critical when you’re going To be building sites like this Especially things like privacy notices Etc I can’t see a way to add them but Basically this is the main idea for this Now somebody’s already been in there and Started changing images around but you Could have a travel related image here Now I’m going to give you a couple of Free alternatives to this if you wanted To go down this route but just to tell

You this is the main type of website now The free traffic appears to be coming From these icons here Facebook Twitter Pinterest of course this is free traffic If you’ve got people over on those Platforms that actually follow you and Are interested in your content you’re Producing over on those platforms if You’re completely new to affiliate Marketing you need to have people on Facebook Twitter Pinterest they’re Actually interested in your content for You to get any kind of traffic back to Our website if you haven’t then you’re Not going to get any traffic anywhere Because it’s not going to rank Organically on Google this is not the Type of site that would ever rank Organically for starters masses of Competition in the travel industry You’re not in any kind of real valuable Content on this site at the moment now Apparently this is updating Automatically I can’t see the way that That is automatically updates I can’t See any feeds into it but that’s what They’re saying on the actual sales page Now if you come back what you have here Is the actual dashboard here and you can See there’s all these numbers around Categories and news total destinations Etc have a bunch of settings here for Your site so you can add a flavicom General content email settings now this

Is actually allowing you to email Directly from the site not something I Would recommend because everything’s Going to go through the spam folder you Need to use something like get response Some credible autoresponder service if You want to start emailing people that’s My view guys that’s the only way that You’re ever going to get success in my View there is some pages here you can Add pages you can have about frequently Asked questions testimonials News Contact Search terms privacy so there is There is ways to add terms of privacy And fairness destination and team and You can add those various Pages you have Some kind of traveler list here so People are going to actually come and Log into your website apparently and put Their details down you have destinations Here that you can add so you can add all The different destinations with images These images aren’t that nice they’re Just thrown this together it’s already Cheap and nasty isn’t it and then you Have some packages here now there isn’t Actually any information on here about How you’d get paid for any of this stuff If I view the details here you can see The details of the packages but I can’t See a way that I can add an affiliate Link to this to actually get paid and There’s no training at all and one thing I have noticed on this version guys

Every time I try and click backwards the Site crashes in some way which isn’t Good the one big thing with using sites Like this is that not actually your Sites the subdomains of the site that They’re selling you and they’re going to Sell thousands of other people if They’re unstable or if they turn this Off your business is completely gone if You start investing lots of time and Money in making this site now this is Just a couple examples of what I’ve seen So far this and I had a database error This is literally just clicking around The site to see what’s going on with the Various parts of the site so it’s not Very stable I would keep well away from It you have a news feed here again There’s no training on how to use this News feed you have a subscriber count Here so you’re keeping people’s data in Here so you better have a good data Pretty privacy policy attached to this Site because you’re going to start Emailing subscribers and keeping their Data in Europe and in the US there’s Very strict laws around what you can do With people’s data there’s some team Members here you can just add these are All the usual type of images these guys Use all these vendors use AI images These days none of these are real people You have a slider here which is that top Section you can see someone’s adding a

Random Oto image there get some testimonials Here you can make up some testimonials Which is great for vendors like this Because they make up testimonials all The time you have some clients here Again same pictures and then you have a Service here now again I’m going to go Back to this package I can’t again see Anywhere I tried an affiliate link I’m Hoping there is something on here Itinerary price I can’t see how you’re linking back to The actual site there must be somewhere On here that I’m missing that you can Link back to the original site of these Holidays Um because obviously you need to link to Credible sites to book these holidays in The first place I’m honestly guys can’t See how you can do that you can add your Social medias here again this is their Free traffic again I’m doing this live Guys you can see what happens here this Goes completely blank yet again as I’m Just clicking around so I’m not Impressed you know there’s lots lots of Better versions of sites like these that You can build if you’re really Interested in the travel Niche now again What you can do is come up here and go To sites like Eliminator blub and all I Did is to really quickly look for a Travel template you can see there’s a

Lovely travel pla travel template here You can get started completely for free With Eliminator and download this Template really really nice and then get Response just as an autoresponder and Allows you to build a website free for Up to founded subscribers they also have This template here I’ve looked at this Very quickly and again this is a travel Related template that you can start Using to build a site totally for free Guys for you to get started if you Wanted to use this to build a business In this Niche but one big thing they are Missing here and they do make that claim On the front page that people are Actually making money with this is how Are you as a complete beginner going to Make any money with this I get it you’re Going to join multiple affiliate Programs on these different travel sites So they recommend through blogging Different ways to actually go ahead and Travel to them that’s the way that you Should do this and that’s the way that Brings value to people they might be Interested in what you have to say what You don’t do just throw a random site up Like this and just throw a link out to Your Facebook account and hope that Somebody’s going to come along and click It’s just it’s just not a proper method Guys so as I come back to the actual Sales page you will look down to the

Sales page what this is a complete copy Of their sales page for a product called Stock Mojo and I just looked through and I look through the various testimonials On here basically the user and this is In a completely AI image is Chris MLS This person does not exist but look at Stock image as well it’s the same three Graphics all they’ve done is changed a Bit of the writing and there their Testimonies of people are making lots of Money in this use those thing guys it’s Just not true basically they’re just Making up testimonials to get you to Come along and buy this quite cheap site That isn’t going to get any traffic and I’m afraid isn’t going to make you any Money now there obviously is a way to Make money in the travel industry if you Want to build a business creative value For people and being an affiliate Marketer for some of these big companies There is a way to make money online as I Said the products I recommended earlier In this review the simple traffic Blueprint will teach you exactly how to Do that how to get a very very specific Niche like this and actually make money With it that’s what the whole product’s About but this I’m afraid is not going To be that good let’s jump over to the Otos I won’t take you through the otos Just for your information I will leave In the description below if you’re

Really interested to see what otos are On this you had the front end which is 17 you have this one click affiliate Site again your site’s ready in minutes Nothing to install 100 in cloud-based I Really hope it’s way more stable than This version I’ve got 12 beta testers Are already making fifty thousand Dollars with it nobody’s actually shown You any of that there’s no trading There’s nothing that shows you that and The demo doesn’t tell you anything it Just tells you what the different Buttons are doing it doesn’t actually Show you anything Um the unlimited version is 37 uh done For you campaigns I presume that is it Says dyf that’s forty seven dollars There’s a automation Edition apparently For twenty seven dollars six figure Trading completely random Oto nothing to Do with this product 97 and then the Enterprise version you can resell this Crappy websites other people who can get It for free for 297 dollars and there’s A version here for sixty seven dollars Unlimited real backlinks and free buyer Traffic don’t believe that guys it Didn’t get unlimited free buyer traffic Then why would they ever need an Affiliate to try and sell what is a very Very low quality product they just got All the traffic themselves so guys That’s my review of this hope that

Brings your value my name is Richard Derby this is your Nomads if you’re Interested in these types of reviews go Ahead and hit that subscribe Notification Bell until next time take Care [Music]

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